Younger siblings have lower IQ says a study.

In a rather disappointing news for younger siblings three large national surveys from the US, UK, and Germany have found that younger siblings generally have a lower IQ than their older brothers and sisters. The surveys confirm that the objective dip in intelligence occurs gradually, beginning with the second-born and ending with the last born. Examining more than 20,000 individuals ranging from first-born to last-born evidence that there is a "birth-order effect" on intelligence.Researchers behind the analysis speculate on why this might be the case: Older children may have their parents' complete attention while younger siblings make do with less time. This may compound as limited parenting time becomes spread over more and more children. Parents tend to place more demands on first-borns, expecting them to succeed at academics, for example, while younger siblings receive more leeway.Researchers also debunked some common misconceptions about the different personalities of siblings.


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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