World's most expensive cities...!

Where do you get the most expensive luxury in the world? Which of these is a famous city where the rich choose to marry? You know all this. Look at the list of luxury cities released by research firm Julius Bauer Group.

Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world. It is also a great place for luxury cars to feast on. There are many municipalities in Hong Kong that have to pay big to live. Other Asian cities also topped the list. Cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei and Bangkok have all made it to the top half of the list. But New York stands out from it. New York is the place to get cheap pianos. But New York is also the city where the super-rich chooses to marry. Not only are pianos, but also the cities that make the most money for a home, business class aviation, cars, ladies handbags, lawyer fees and laser eye surgery.

Paris is the most expensive city to eat in. Paris ranks 12th on the list of most expensive cities. The cities in Europe are London (7), Zurich (9) and Monaco (10). Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong are the top three cities in the list. Other Asian cities are Singapore (5), Taipei (8) and Bangkok (11). 

But Mumbai is a city where the rich are looking for cheap things. But the piano is expensive here. Only three cities in the US are listed. New York (4), Los Angeles (6) and Miami (13). Vancouver is the cheapest city in the US.


Jan 222020
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