A woman who was raped 43000 times as a child.

A rescued human trafficking victim and now a passionate human rights activist Karla Jacinto of Mexico was raped 43000 times during her terrible childhood.She experienced these horrifying experiences from the age 12 to 16. She was raped 30 times a day, seven days a week. She was just five year old when she was sexually abused a by a relative. Then a trafficker lured her with gifts and better lifestyle. He won her confidence by saying he was also abused as a child.He forced her to service clients to get more money.

Finland becomes the first country to abolish all school subjects.

    The Scandinavian countries are known to be on a higher pedestal than other countries when it comes to human development indices.Finland is one among these nations which has always shown the way in matters pertaining to education system and they are considered one of the best in the world. Now in a novel initiative they have decided to abolish subjects from the curriculum.There will no longer be subjects like maths,literature,geography,physics etc.
The head of the Department of Education in Helsinki, Marjo Kyllonen, explained the changes:

Young woman attempts suicide after meeting online dating partner in person.

Online dating platforms,can prove a double edged sword. There are fake profiles which young men and women end up trusting easily. People may use a picture of someone with better looks or they may pose to be a better personality.And now a report has come out that a 23 year old Chinese woman attempted suicide after being horrified seeing her online dating partner.She was heard saying you cheated me. 

Donald Trump decides to leave his businesses totally for Presidency.

The newly elected US President Donald Trump has said that he will be "leaving his business" to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest while in the White House, insisting he was not legally bound to do so. In a series of tweets, Trump said that he would unveil his plans at a December 15 news conference in New York with his children.

World's oldest person celebrates her 117 th birthday.

Widely believed as the oldest person alive in the world,Emma Morano who was born in the 1800s, has celebrated her 117th birthday. Born on 29 November 1899,she is the world’s oldest living person. Her life has spanned three centuries, two world wars and over 90 Italian governments.And interestingly the secret to her longevity appears to lie in eschewing usual medical wisdom.“I eat two eggs a day and that’s it. And cookies. But I do not eat much because I have no teeth,” Morano said last month at her home in Verbania, a town in northern Italy on Lake Maggiore.

Shortest couple in the world get married.

A Brazilian couple has set a new record by becoming the shortest duo to get married. Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino Barros the Brazilian couple tied the knot in September following an eight-year relationship.But they got Official acknowledgment from Guinness World Records that they are the world’s most limited wedded couple yesterday.Both Paulo, 31, and Katyucia, 28, have dwarfism.

Terminally ill girl pleads not to bury her after death, court grants wish.

An anonymous teenager has been preserved to fulfil her dying wish,after a ruling by the judge in favour of her.The 14-year-old girl who died from cancer was cryogenically frozen so she could potentially be revived in the future. Her mother supported the girl's request but a letter the girl wrote to the judge is thought to have played a key role in the High Court's decision. Here is what she wrote to Mr Justice Jackson: “I have been asked to explain why I want this unusual thing done. I'm only 14 years' old and I don't want to die, but I know I am going to.

Malaysia may ban hot dogs for being un Islamic.

The Malaysian government has said that it will soon require food establishments to give hot dogs a different name according to reports.Places that do not rename their hot dogs could lose halal, or Muslim dietary, certification.The decision came about following complaints from Muslim tourists to the country, according to Sirajuddin Suhaimee, who is the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development's halal division director.Hot dogs are a popular fast food in the Muslim-majority country and the decision has drawn ridicule on social media.Interestingly it is common knowledge to many that hot dog

Father forgets toddler in car, convicted for murder.

A Georgian citizen man was convicted of malice and felony murder on Monday by a jury after a month of gruelling testimony over whether he left his son to perish on purpose or made a fatal mistake. after the toddler son died in a hot car.Justin Ross Harris, 35,exhibited little emotion as the verdict was read.He had been on trial since Oct. 3 in the death of his son, Cooper.

Donald Trump says Facebook and Twitter helped him win the election.

Though critics are blaming social media giant Facebook for influencing the US-elections in favor of President-elect Donald Trump by circulating a "host of fake news stories about political topics", Trump himself has come forward and said the platform helped him secure the victory. Trump said on CBS' 60 Minutes program on Sunday: "The fact that I have such power in terms of numbers with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.I think it helped me win all of these races where they're spending much more money than I spent.

Donald Trump says he will take only one dollar as salary.

In a remarkable statement the newly elected US President Donald Trump has that said he would take only a token $1 as his salary a year and not the $400,000 that comes with the US president's job.He added that he will refrain from going on any vacation.The 70-year-old billionaire said, "No, I'm not gonna take the salary. I'm not taking it," confirming a promise he made in a campaign video in September.

Diet pills nearly kill a British man.

Obsession with weight loss can prove counterproductive many times.A 25-year-old man who worked out obsessively wasnt satisfied with his regimen and then decided to push harder in his weight-loss quest. DNP diet pills was his quick fix solution.But after taking 8 of the pills in one day, the young man nearly killed but miraculously pulled survived. Lewis Brown, a lab worker, began working out to lose weight but then became so obsessive about the idea of having the perfect body that he began to use steroids and diet pills.

Donald Trump is a Pakistani, says a bizarre report in a Pakistani channel.

A bizarre piece of news was aired by Pakistani TV channel, Neo News, in its prime time show.According to them Donald Trump’s real name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan and he was born in Pakistan. The woman who presented the programme has maintained a confident tone throughout the bulletin and seems absolutely sure about the information she was conveying. According to the show, Trump was born in Waziristan, Pakistan, and his real name was Dawood Ibrahim Khan.The report goes on further and says that he received his initial education at a Madrasa in Waziristan.

Indian court bans use of high-decibel crackers after temple fireworks blaze kills 110

An Indian high court on Tuesday banned the use of high-decibel firecrackers between sunset and sunrise after a fireworks display at a Hindu temple in Kerala state ignited a series of explosions and killed 110 people.

Firecrackers and pyrotechnics materials stored in the temple in the southern state detonated on Sunday after thousands of devotees gathered to witness the pyrotechnic show to mark the start of the Hindu year.

At least 400 people were injured in the mishap.

Around 17 set of twins born in April at AVC hospital, Chicago

In a suburban hospital Chicago, 16 sets of twins have been born in last month.  Advocate Medical Center in Oak has staff seeing it double literally.  The hospital officials say that there are eight sets of twins were born in first week of April itself but they are expecting another sets soon.  Officials also added that twenty nine of those kids are remaining in the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit.

North Korea successfully tested a new anti-ship cruise missile

North Korea has said that they successfully tested a new anti-ship cruise missile and they published the image of test firing by state media. The engine is specially decided for intercontinental ballistic missile that will give guarantee an eventual nuclear strike on US. According to the North Korean official news this is the latest series of country’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs.

White House to transfer the fund of Ebola to combat Zika Virus

Obama administration has decided to transfer remaining funds from the successful fight of Ebola to the activity of bereaving large threat of Zika virus in United States. The White House has plans to help fast-track the creation of an anti-Zika vaccine. Center for Disease Control, which is focused on research and development of anti-Zika vaccines, has been funded with most of the $600 million.


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