Thief jailed for 22 years for stealing television remote.

An American thief who escaped the long arm of law for years despite committing grave thefts,at last got convicted for stealing a TV remote.Eric Bramwell, of Melrose Park, Chicago, was found guilty in November of burglary and has been jailed for 22 years for stealing a TV remote.The 35-year-old had entered the common area of an apartment building in the 100 block of Cross Street, in Wheaton, on August 2015, and the stole the universal remote.

Miniature brain in a girl's ovary.

In a stunning finding a miniature brain and a slightly developed skull with greasy hair was found in a teenager's ovaries while she underwent an appendix surgery. The incident happened in happened in Japan. Though cysts are found in ovaries, it is extremely rare to see brain like structures. Doctors are excited about the development and are engaging in further research.

Man who drank 10 cokes a day, aftereffects are stunning.

Drinking aerated drinks is not good for health.This is a truth that is generally accepted.Drinking excess of Coca-Cola is thus not good for health. The amount of sugar & acid in a coke might make us unhealthy whenever we drink it. Not only coke but the sugar level in every drink is harmful to us. A 50 year old man George Prior conducted out an experiment of drinking ten cokes a day. A single coke contains 140 calories in it. So this guy used to intake 1400 calories a day along with other food & diet.

Titanic sank not because it hit an iceberg!

The sinking of the great ship Titanic way back in 1912, is still considered one of the greatest tragedies in history. 1500 people lost their lives following the catastrophe, which is generally considered to be a result of the ship ramming into a huge iceberg. But now a new documentary by an Irish journalist named Senan Molony has come out. It is claimed that the real reason for Titanic's tragic sinking was a fire in the ship's boiler room. Mr.

Boss offers cruise trip for employees as incentive.

An employer in Iowa offered his employees a luxury cruise as an incentive as a reward for them after they helped the company meet its goals for the year. He offered the  employees at a cabinet company are about to get a sunny reprieve from the winter doldrums, all thanks to the boss.All of the more than 800 employees of Bertch Cabinets in Waterloo will get a free trip to the Caribbean next month. The company announced the trip on its Facebook page.

China opens the world's highest bridge.

In an example of engineering marvel China opened to traffic the world's highest bridge which hangs over 1,800 feet above Beipan River.The Beipanjiang Bridge, connects Guizhou and Yunnan provinces in the mountainous southwest, reduces travel time by as much as three-quarters. Beipanjing Bridge will be used mostly by automobiles, authorities said, adding that it is the second longest steel-trussed cable-stayed bridge and the 10th tallest bridge tower in the world.The 1,341-metre span cost over 1 billion yuan (USD 144 million - Rs 977 crore) to build.

Foods that a 114 year old Brazilian regularly eats.

To live hundred plus years is indeed a remarkable accomplishment particularly in our times.But this is what the Brazilian native Bernardo la Palla enjoys.He has good health and memory,though he was born way back in August 17, 1901.So far he has been in good physical condition and is among wits. From an early age Bernardo decided he wanted to live long and happily. Here are five foods that prolonged his life. Honey.Bernardo says that if you give up from sugar and sweetened food with honey, will live much longer.

When two dogs defied death for each other.

Lucy, a dog in Ukraine was hit by a train and she was badly injured.And it was stuck on the train track for two days. In freezing cold, badly injured and terrified, all that was possible for it was to just sit there and wait for certain death to arrive. But it’s really what happened next that is incredibly touching. When another dog sensed the danger she was in, he decided to use his warmth and his strength to keep Lucy safe without any regard to his own safety.It is unimaginable that two animals can show this much regard for one another.

A city which has more bicycles than cars.

The capital of Denmark Copenhagen,has beaten Dutch city Amsterdam to become the world’s most bike-friendly city last year. What is pleasantly surprising is the fact that more people are now using bicycles to enter Copenhagen city than those by cars. An article on the World Economic Forum website quotes bi-annual Copenhagenize Index as revealing that 265,700 bikes entered Copenhagen in the last one year, while the number of cars entering the city in this period was 252,600.

First solar panel road in the world.

Times have changed and technology is galloping.Solar power has immense possibilities and many of it is still unexplored.Now in a novel development,the world's first solar road has come up in the small village of Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France. The 1 kilometer road was opened yesterday by French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal and could gen.It could generate enough electricity to power the street lights. That might not sound very impressive for 30,000 square feet of solar panels — and it kind of isn't, especially for its $5.2 million price tag.

First human head transplant on the cards.

In a development that should take the medical world to unforeseen dimensions.According to reports Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero is planning to perform the first-ever head transplant in December 2017. He will put the head of a terminally ill, wheelchair-bound Russian citizen Valery Spiridonov (31) on an entirely new body. Spiridonov, a computer scientist, has Werdnig-Hoffman disease, a rare and incurable spinal muscular atrophy. As the disease is sure to kill him, Spiridonov sees the head transplant as his one shot to have a new body.

Woman gives birth to baby boy at the age of 100!

It is usually said that it is ideal for a woman to get pregnant under the age of 30. There are differing experiences on this matter though with many experts saying that there is nothing like a ‘right’ time to start a family.But it is a fact that it is better to conceive at a younger age. But now defying all odds a grandma became the first woman to give birth to a baby at the age of 100.

World's tallest christmas tree in Sri Lanka.

A towering christmas tree 73 metre in height has been unveiled in Sri Lanka. The tree built in capital Colombo, is 18 meters taller than the current record holder, organizers said yesterday. The tree’s steel-and-wire frame is covered with a plastic net decorated with more than 1 million natural pine cones painted red, gold, green and silver, 600,000 LED bulbs and topped by a 6-meter-tall (20-foot) shining star.The tree has cost USD 80,000. The Catholic Church criticized the tree as a “waste of money” and suggested that the funds better be spent on helping the poor.

590 kg man embarks on mission to loss weight.

Juan Pedro a Mexican is generally considered world's fattest man. He weighs a staggering 590 kilograms. His list of diseases seems endless. He has diabetes, high BP and chronic lung obstruction. If he is to live long, he has reduce his weight dramatically, his doctor Jose Castaneda Cruz has said. For this he will undergo a gastric bypass in the new year. Before the surgery Pedro will undergo two other procedures. "It's surgery that is going to be done in two parts. That is because of the high risk of complications he faces.

Unhealthy habits, uninhibited life style, but this woman goes strong even at 102.

For the last 75 years,she has smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day. Also, every night before going to bed, she drank a glass of wine. Maisie Streng an old grandmother from Glasgow whose lifestyle differs from everything that doctors recommend. Despite this, she recently celebrated her 102 birthday. Interestingly she does not take any medication and has what experts call “unhealthy habits”. Maisie’s other obsession are bananas. She began to eat them at work, when faced deadlines and did not have a lot of time for lunch. Her quick meals were bananas, a habit stayed with her to this day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin the most powerful man in the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become the world's most powerful person for a fourth straight year in 2016.While the US president-elect Donald Trump is in the second place, Forbes magazine said Wednesday in its annual rankings."Russia's president has exerted his country's influence in nearly every corner of the globe," the US business magazine wrote.

Narrow pelvis leading to more cesarean births.

Of late women are undergoing surgery to deliver baby.It is more due to their narrow pelvis size, say studies.C-section is the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. “Women with a very narrow pelvis pass on their genes encoding for a narrow pelvis to their daughters,” Philipp Mitteroecker from the University of Vienna in Austria, was quoted as saying to The global rate of cases where the baby could not fit through the maternal birth canal have increased from 30 in 1,000 in the 1960s to 36 in 1,000 births.

A woman who was raped 43000 times as a child.

A rescued human trafficking victim and now a passionate human rights activist Karla Jacinto of Mexico was raped 43000 times during her terrible childhood.She experienced these horrifying experiences from the age 12 to 16. She was raped 30 times a day, seven days a week. She was just five year old when she was sexually abused a by a relative. Then a trafficker lured her with gifts and better lifestyle. He won her confidence by saying he was also abused as a child.He forced her to service clients to get more money.

Finland becomes the first country to abolish all school subjects.

    The Scandinavian countries are known to be on a higher pedestal than other countries when it comes to human development indices.Finland is one among these nations which has always shown the way in matters pertaining to education system and they are considered one of the best in the world. Now in a novel initiative they have decided to abolish subjects from the curriculum.There will no longer be subjects like maths,literature,geography,physics etc.
The head of the Department of Education in Helsinki, Marjo Kyllonen, explained the changes:

Young woman attempts suicide after meeting online dating partner in person.

Online dating platforms,can prove a double edged sword. There are fake profiles which young men and women end up trusting easily. People may use a picture of someone with better looks or they may pose to be a better personality.And now a report has come out that a 23 year old Chinese woman attempted suicide after being horrified seeing her online dating partner.She was heard saying you cheated me. 

Donald Trump decides to leave his businesses totally for Presidency.

The newly elected US President Donald Trump has said that he will be "leaving his business" to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest while in the White House, insisting he was not legally bound to do so. In a series of tweets, Trump said that he would unveil his plans at a December 15 news conference in New York with his children.


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