What about wearing traditional dresses on this Vishu?

Vishu is on your door.  Don’t you like to celebrate this vishu with its ceremonial splendor among all family members, relatives and friends? When it comes to South Indian families, the beauty lies in their simplicity – the thoranams, the tharavaad style decor and the marigolds used sparingly. Women are now wearing a trend of modern blouse on a kasavu sari, and the pretty Kasavu sari is used for their entries all added to the rustic charm of this quaint simplicity and beauty.

What about going to receive this Vishu with traditional stylish clothes?

Full Skirt with long blouse
The full skirt with long blouse that formed the traditional teenage dress makes a girl looking cute and attractive. On ceremonial occasions and festival days the long skirt with pleats and kasavu Boarder with front or back open blouse is worn. Maroon blouse and golden yellow skirt with thick kasavu boarder is very good combination. You can design the neck and backside of the blouse with beads and threads.

Half Sari
With the advent of the North Indian fashion dress on a large scale in kerala, the half sari dress seen in every part of kerala. The half sari that was worn earlier consisted of a full skirt, short blouse and a davani (shawl) and sari blouse. Half sari gives young and pretty look. You can choose your favorite color combinations for it. It is something look like filmy style.  You may choose cloth with silk or georgette as depends on your body shape and taste.

Mundu & settu
Mundu and settu demands even now in Kerala without any change. This dress would give you gorgeous look. It is the most beautiful and trending dress on the festive like Onam, Vishu etc. Settu mundu is now available with thread works also. Commonly it is in wood color or white color with silk border or colored border. Though it used as a ceremonial dress it is suitable for both young and old generation. Now you may buy this as Kerala Sari which would be one piece. It is worn in the same style of a sari with pleats in front. It has borders with thin or wide silk or ordinary colored ones. Along with it there is an area of the silk border.

At the very beginning itself Keralites are closely associated with sari. It is still major mode of the dress even today. It is worn together with small blouses. Sari is the official dress in various ceremonies like wedding, engagement and during various festivals in Kerala. Kerala sari market is now flooded with sari like Kancheepuram Silk, Banaras Silk. Sari decorated with traditional works, zardosi work, ariwork, Lukhnow work, sequins work, thread work, embroidery work are trending in Kerala now.

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