Web Portal Launched for Star Rating of Mines in India...

In order to promote green, safe and sustainable mining practices using technology as a tool, Ministry of Coal (MoC) has launched a web portal for star rating of coal mines. Which enables all operational coal mines across India for self-rating, their subsequent validation by Coal Controller’s Organization (CCO), further evaluation and finally award of star rating. 

Based on the star ratings obtained through a well-defined mechanism on this web portal, the highest-scoring mines in the country will be awarded in a public ceremony. Besides, all the mines will be given an official certificate by the CCO mentioning their star rating and the particular reporting year. The mines that score from 91 to 100% will get 5 stars, 81 to 90% 4 stars, 71 to 80% 3 stars, 61 to 70% 2 stars, 41 to 60% 1 star and mines that score from 0 to 40% will get No star on the portal as per laid down procedures of the Star Rating Policy for Coal Mines in India. 

The portal will provide a login to each coal mine for self-evaluation along with necessary documents for testimonials. The field offices of CCO will be provided with a separate login to the web portal through which they can access the submissions of self-evaluation. A validation committee constituted through CCO will put the final remarks based on the laid down policy and finally, the star rating will be recorded on the portal. 

Notably, the Ministry of Coal last year had formulated a Star Rating Policy for Coal Mines in India. This policy envisages 50 evaluation parameters in Opencast Mines and 47 in Underground Mines as star rating criteria under seven broad modules namely - Mining Operations Related Parameters, Environment related parameters, Adoption of Technologies: Best Mining Practices, Economic performance, Rehabilitation & Resettlement related parameters, Worker-related Compliance and Safety and security-related parameters. 

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