Ways to make friendship with strangers. 

It is not always easy for everyone to strike a rapport with strangers. Taking initiative in turning strangers to friends is quite challenging. In fact, it is not very easy for everyone to build bonds of friendship with new people because of their hesitation, ego or sometimes insecurities. But one can make new friends with little efforts and wisdom.Have a look on how you can strike up Friendship with strangers.

Don't be upset if they judge you:-
Everyone is unique. As everyone has different thoughts and perception, so they might judge you for your openness and friendly behaviour. So, don't be upset if they judge you. Do what you want to and allow others to do so.

Give a bright smile:-
It is very easy to initiate friendship when you have smiling face. Smiling faces are considered to be very friendly. People find it easy to talk with someone who can make them comfortable.

Laughter is technique:-
People like talking to those who are full of life and make conversations joyful. So, if you wish to have friendship with strangers then try to make them laugh. There is no need talking about serious topics in your conversation.

Practice upon it:- 
This is also a skill which needs little bit of practice. You are also required to convey your intentions to people and you will find many people looking for new friends. In the beginning you may feel awkward but gradually it will be easier for you to make friends. 

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