Walmart may buy India's Flipkart by June 2018

- Walmart Inc may reach out to a deal to buy a majority stake in Indian e-commerce player Flipkart by June end. This could be the retail giant Walmart's biggest acquisition of an online business.

It is east vs west clash between Walmart and Amazon on the Indian soil. The reason for the move to buy India's Flipkart is to take on with Amazon which is spreading its wings in India particular, all over the world in general.

Amazon - one in the top five companies in the world in terms of the market capitalization at over 680 billion US dollar market cap, even though profit made by Walmart is 20 billion while Amazon made 3 billion US dollar.Amazon could superseed Apple, become the first company to have 1 trillion US dollar market capitalization.Walmart has just over 250 billion US dollar.

The goodwill Amazon has is that the United States is putting a greater value on  Amazon that Walmart as Amazon has robust future and growth potential.

Walmart has made a possible deal with Flipkart to buy 51 percent or more existing shares of the Indian company for over 12 billion US dollar. The new shares expected to value 18 billion US dollar represented by a Bengaluru based company.

A deal with Flipkart would step up Walmart’s battle with Amazon for a bigger share of India’s expanding e-commerce market, which may be worth $200 billion in a decade.

Soft Bank Group of Japan owns around one-fifth of Flipkart share through its Vision Fund may not sell its shares because of the low price for its shares if sold for the existing shares. 

Even though the deal is not through, talks are going on between Walmart and Flipkart, its investors. No official reaction has come from 



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