Vishu: The legendary festival of kerala...!

Vishu is an agricultural festival in Kerala. Vishu is Celebrated in the malayalam month of 'Medam'. People are also thinking about the outcome of the next one year through the day. Vishu is celebrated not only in Kerala but also in neighboring states bordering it. Most states in India have similar celebrations. This day is the beginning of the year, according to the "Panjangam".

Pulluvapattu also shows the prosperous nature of Vishu. It is believed that the effects of the things Vishnu does last for another year. Vishu means equal. That is, day and night are equal. As the sun moves from one zodiac to the next, it is called sankranti. These special days must have been celebrated long ago. There are references to this in the Sangam period, called 'Pathittupath'.

But the celebration in Kerala at the beginning of the year should probably be at the beginning of the year. Mahavishu,  is now 24 days behind. Because of the change in axis of the earth.  

According to a legend, Vishu was celebrated on the day when Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna. There is another belief that Ravana refused to rise the sun because he did not like the sun burning inside the palace of Ravana.

Vishu is one of the festivals celebrated in the region. If Onam fits into the Buddhist doctrine of abstinence from fish or meat eaters, then Vishu is against it. The fondness for the meat of the Adidravidians, who had  hunted for long, is overshadowed by the celebrations. Vishu is therefore considered a festival that is older than Onam.

Vishu and Onam are the main crop festivals of Kerala. While Onam is associated with farming, Vishu is associated with summer vegetable crops. The customs associated with Vishu are different. The most important one is the mushroom. Vishukaineettam, Vishu Sadya and Vishukkali are festivals associated with Vishu.

The elders in the family are responsible for preparing and displaying the " Vishukkani" with a half-full of rice and paddy,  gold,  ripe apricot, grapefruit, chant, sinthuram, lemon. Kanikonna (Cassia fistula) is mandatory for vishukkani. Vishukainaettam is a gift given to the family by the householder after seeing the kani.

 Vishu is celebrated in Kerala as the first day of the agricultural peasantry in India. There are celebrations on the same day all over India. Take for example Bihu in Assam. Bihu is the baihag of the month of Vaisakha. On that day they celebrate the New Year and the spring festival in addition to the agricultural festival. Bihu is part of Krishi Bhoomi Pooja, Gopuja, giving gifts to relatives and friends.


The festival in Bihar is known as Bihag. Vaisakhi is celebrated around the same time in Punjab and Putthandu in Tamil Nadu. Ugadi is celebrated in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh during this time.

Recipe of the day

Jan 252021
INGREDIENTS  1. Coconut oil - four cups 2. Onion - chopped, finely chopped Ginger - two teaspoons Garlic - three teaspoons