Vinesh Phogat- brightens India's hope in the next olympics

 Vinesh Phogat has won the gold medal in 50kg - Wrestling for women in the 18th Asian Games being held in Jakarta.

Negating her failure to claim a medal in the Rio-Olympics due to severe body pain, thus crying for the lost-chance in the Olympics, has just regained the fighting spirits in her, won a gold medal against Japan's Yuki trie, breaking the jinx of losing against this world-class opponent.

"I knew I had to win a gold, I could not have gone back with a silver medal yet again. I was tired of being the second test. I had the opportunity today, my body was responding well. god blessed me, with my hard work out, everything came in unison giving me the gold medal."

I fought her thrice before and lost every time. I knew I was good enough, strong but I have to prove it on the mat.I had the glorious moments of this aim and achieved. 


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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