Vegetarian diet is rich in vitamins

The earth has kept everything we need in its greenery. This greenery is an easy way to achieve disease free status. Ayurveda and naturopathy are free from side effects and the emphasis is on vegetarianism and natural resources.

Our body is becoming a storehouse of harmful chemicals. Cold drinks and fast food are weakening our body. The way to escape from this is to return to nature. In a busy world, there is no time for this. But the simplicity and goodness of vegetarianism should be tested.

Every vegetarian diet is a medicine. Their use will lead us to the path of natural life. Wheat is rich in vitamin E. Green peas and cabbage contain Vitamin K which helps in repairing the liver and delaying blood clotting.
Lemons, gooseberries, oranges, grapes, leafy vegetables and potatoes all contain vitamin C.Nature has prepared rich and healthy food without much effort or money. Include mouthwash, indigestion ginger, immune-boosting onion, eye-healing carrot, urinary tract remedy carrot, beetroot and beans.

We want to live in harmony with nature, not naturopathy. It is better to take action and live accordingly. There are some suggestions on how to use natural resources in this system.

1. Do not overcook vegetables.
2. Use raw edibles as is.
3. Do not cut the skin completely.
4. Do not wash vegetables after chopping.
5. If possible, use only earthenware for cooking.
6. Boil some water.
7. Reduce heat and salt.

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