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Nov 182017
  Keki Daruwalla on poetry, growing up in pre-Partition India and the perils of intolerance  
Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) has notified that there is no need to link bank accounts of Non-resident-Indians NRIs, Person of Indian Origin PIOs and Overseas Citizens of India OCIs with Permanent Account Number PAN or Adhar, henceforth. UIDAI has advised various agencies involved in implementing this work to find out a mechanism to verify the status of those individuals. Under the prevention of Money Laundering Rules 2017 and the income tax, it has specified those persons who are eligible to enroll for Adhar.
Thiruvananthapuram Corporation is to launch a new scheme to issue the marriage certificate on the day of marriage at the wedding hall soon after the marriage ceremony is over.The concerned family members have to provide all the necessary information with the marriage invitation to the corporation officials well in advance. The corporation would depute a Health inspector or a junior inspector to the wedding hall on the day of marriage, obtain digital signatures of the bride and groom, issue the marriage certificate.
Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa, to resonate during the season of 3 months begins on the first day of Malayalam month of Vrischikam.Second highest number of devotees, over 3 crores in short period between November and January, every year is unique in the history.Sabarimala or Ayyappa temple is synonymous with Kerala, the state on the world map of tourism and devotion.Heavy rush of devotees, like every year, this year too witnessed thousands waiting to have darshan and seek blessings of Lord Ayyappa.
“Are you sure this is the way?” asks my driver, as the car trundles its way through a track on the hillside. For the answer, I show him the Google Maps directions on my phone. We meander through the hillside and slushy and rutted paths before we finally arrive at what seems like a gate. Beyond it, the track seems even more forbidding than the one that brought us here.
Kerala a state known for hartals a mode of protest, Mr.Shashi Taroor, Member of Parliment came down strongly on the culture of hartals in the state.He stated that hartals and strikes in Kerala have become an absolute disgrace, the only state to still to use the outdated form of protest called hartal, which is negated by the other states in India.
The Supreme Court on Monday found itself surprised by a doubt raised by the Madras High Court about the ban on the sale of liquor in December 2016 within 500 meters along national and State highways. The bone of contention is a July 11 order of the apex court which clarified that stretches of highways running through municipal areas were exempted from the ban. But what puzzled the Madras High Court is whether the exemption granted to municipal areas in the July 11 order pertained to only municipal areas in Chandigarh and none other.
If Indian basketball players get a stint abroad, that will make them better, says Tim Mottin, Hawks coach He turned Geethu Anna Jose into an international star. Tim Mottin, the coach of Melbourne’s Ringwood Hawks, believes Indian basketball could come up with more players like her. He had a close look at some of the country’s top female hoopsters during his team’s five-match series against Kerala All-Stars, which concluded here on Sunday. Impressed
Difficulty in conceiving, miscarriages, malformed babies, and an overall poor outcome in pregnancies, are the major impacts of diabetes in women. With a very evident neglect of health issues faced by women, experts say that gestational and pre-gestational diabetes thus presents a much greater risk. Given the need of the hour to put forth this issue, this year’s theme for World Diabetes Day observed on Tuesday is fitting ‘Women and Diabetes — Our Right to a Healthy Future’.
Plastics disposal has been a universal menace, in Kerala too over decades. Plastics being unavoidable and non-biodegradable, a plastic-free zone is an aspiring thought to chew on, knowingly hard to chew, Kerala is steering towards its genesis on recycling of plastic wastes. The peril of plastics waste in Kerala steers their way towards the road for recycling. The ambitious project headed by ‘clean Kerala company’, an initiative of the state government aims at recycling plastics and reuse them.
Reserve Bank of India has decided not to pursue with the proposal for an Islamic Banking System in India.This is a bold step taken by the Reserve bank of India.Central Bank of India had filed an RTI inquiry on the issue, on which RBI took this decision to drop the proposal of Islamic Banking."Wider and equal opportunities are available to every Indian citizen to the banking and financial system.


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