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Oct 122019
Different Art Center – an initiative of Academy of Magical Science in association with Kerala Chalchithra Academy And Kerala Social Security Mission is blazing a trail on 15th October 2019.
Kiratham Kathakali led by Kalamandalam Shanmughan as part of Mahabharatham Kathakali Mela. Organised by Drisyavedi. 'Kiratham’ narrates the story of Arjuna’s penance to acquire a mighty weapon called ‘Pasupathasthra’ from Lord Shiva. The story is an excerpt from the Mahabharata. While living in exile, at the request of Yudhishtira, Arjuna observes a tough penance to acquire the divine weapon. Eventually, Lord Shiva relents but only after teaching Arjuna the value of humility.
Theatre takes centre stage at the ongoing Soorya festival with a host of performances by theatre groups from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. On October 12 (Saturday), Koothapiran Navabharath Theatres, Chennai, stages Tamil play Skandha. The next day, the same group takes the stage with Pattambi. Vignesh Ratnam’s play, ‘Pattambi,’ written by Ratnam Koothapiran, is certainly of a different kind. With a simple premise, but an unexpected ending, ‘Pattambi’ is not the most entertaining or humorous play you would come across, but a serious, emotionally powerful one.
Following the hardships faced by customers in opening bank accounts, the government will review the norms for the same. Top bankers highlighted the problem at a meeting with Finance Ministry officials last week. They said the officials were open to reviewing the issue after they were briefed about the problems.
The Government Tribal School in Idinjar, located in the hill ranges of the capital district, came into the world’s spotlight after young Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg shared images of the ‘climate strike’ at the school on Friday in her official Facebook page.
Soorya celebrates Indian cinema with a selection from across the country. Watch Sa (Bengali) and Padmaavat (Hindi) on September 28. To Let (Tamil) and Athiran (Malayalam) are screened on September 29. Uma, a Marathi film, and The Sound Story, a Malayalam film are on September 30. Uronchondi (Bengali), Walking with the wind (Hindi) and Aamhi Doghi (Marati) are scheduled to be screened on October 2, 3 and 4 respectively.
As the shores of God’s Own Country prepare to greet the auspicious period of Navarathri, it is at the historic Navarathri Mandapam at the Fort Palace complex in Thiruvananthapuram where the lights shine brightest. Annually, it hosts the prestigious Navarathri Music Festival, a nine-day music fiesta where fans get to view some of the giants of the classical music industry.
Banner Film society screens Vipin Vijay’s "Prathibhasam" and Goutham Soorya and Sudeep Elamon’s "Sleeplessly Yours". Prathibhasam, a feature film directed by national award-winning filmmaker Vipin Vijay. The film has been selected as one of seven from across India for the Work-in-Progress lab at the Film Bazaar 2016, organised by the National Film Development Corporation, in conjunction with IFFI.
If you love to swing to music, then this could be your time to let your hair down at Dholi Taro Dandiya Night. Wear your vibrant ethnic best and move gracefully in circles while keeping time with dandiya sticks to the tunes of Gujarati, Bollywood and DJ dandiya mix by DJ Akhil.
Costa Rica has received a 2019 Champions of the Earth award, the UN’s highest environmental honour, for its role in the protection of nature and its commitment to ambitious policies to combat climate change.  The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recognized Costa Rica in the policy leadership category. 
Kerala Lalitakala Akademi organises Politricks, an exhibition of cartoonist KB Harikumar works.  The exhibition of 50 political cartoons by Harikumar at Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan, deals with themes such as GST, demonetisation, fuel price hike and corruption within the political circles.


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