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Feb 112021
Two new initiatives of Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) —SAKSHAM (Shramik Shakti Manch)- a dynamic job portal for mapping the skills of Shramiks vis-à-vis requirem
Investment Facilitation is allotted for implementation of Make in India action plans to identify potential investors. Support is being provided to Indian Missions abroad and State Governments for organising events, summits, road-shows and other promotional activities to attract investment in the country under the Make in India banner. Investment Outreach activities are being carried out for enhancing International co-operation for promoting FDI and improve Ease of Doing Business in the country.
The UAE 's Mars exploration satellite, the Hope Probe, has entered Mars' orbit, surpassing the expectations of the Arab world. With the successful launch of the Hope Probe into Mars, the UAE became the fifth country and the first Arab country to achieve this goal. The United States, India, the former Soviet Union, and the European Space Agency have previously achieved this. Along with the Hope Probe, China's Tianwen One and the US spacecraft NASA will enter Mars orbit later this month.
The basic public amenities like drinking water, toilets, signages, etc. are available at most of the Centrally Protected Monuments including World Heritage Sites. Further, wheelchairs, ramps, Braille cultural notice boards and disabled friendly public amenities have been provided to make these sites accessible to persons with disabilities.
Climate change is perceptible through a rise in all India mean temperature and increased frequency of extreme rainfall events in the last three decades. This causes fluctuation in production of major crops in different years.
INGREDIENTS  1. Sugar - one cup 2. Heavy cream - half a cup 3. Stone salt - half a teaspoon Vanilla extract - half a teaspoon 4. Milk - a cup Heavy cream - one cup Sugar - a quarter cup 5. Eggs - three large   PREPARATION 
The National Family Planning Program which provides voluntary and informed choices to the beneficiaries through a target free approach with the objective of checking population increase in the country. A National Population Policy has been formulated in the year 2000 with the long-term objective of attaining population stabilisation by 2045. Various initiatives have been taken under the National Family Planning Program providing broad range of services mentioned as follows:
ICAR research institutes and KVKs have taken steps to develop/refine and promote sustainable farming practices in the Country through use of technology. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has developed 63 Integrated Farming System (IFS) models by involving ICAR Institutes, State Agricultural Universities and farming community of 18 states. These models are suitable to 26 States and Union Territories in the Country and have the potential to increase the income of farmers by 2 to 3 times or more vis a visexisting systems/practices in a period of 3 to 4 years.
National Agriculture Market popularly known as e-NAM was an innovative initiative in agricultural marketing to enhance farmer’s accessibility digitally to multiple numbers of markets & buyers and to bring transparency in trade transactions with the intent to improve price discovery mechanism, quality commensurate price realization and also to develop the concept of “One Nation One Market” for agriculture produce.
Winter begins with skin care products that provide special care for the skin. Even oily skin can start to dry out in the cold. Dry skin is also more prone to wrinkles. Know the six beauty rejuvenation ways to not lose the softness of winter skin. Here are some beauty tips that can be easily done at home during this time when you spend a lot of time at home without going out much. Cleansing should be regular
Rebirth of the train service at Munnar, which was destroyed in the floods of 1924. KFDC on Mattupatti Road near Munnar town, the five-and-a-half-kilometer-long rail service will start from the garden to the tea factory near the Mattupatti dam. With the aim of attracting more tourists to Munnar, Aakasha Rail is being constructed in an environmentally friendly manner. The train also travels on rails fastened to iron pillars.


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