US impose taxes on Indian steel and Aluminium- India to seek legal remedy at WTO.

The US has imposed an additional tax on Indian steel and aluminum, India would file a trade-dispute with WTO against the U.S if it fails to grant exemption on the metals.

"India has no other choice to seek exemption citing discrimination by the U.S if they refuse to grant the exemptions", stated by the Indian representatives at New Delhi. The Indian government has submitted a proposal to the U.S government which is pending in the court.

During 2017 India reported around 1 million tonnes to the U.S, holds the tenth place in global supplier's list, India's goods trade deficit accounts to six percent, the trade deficit was worth 23 million U.S dollars in 2017. 

U.S president Donald Trump was forced to keep pending implementation of tariffs announced in March 2018 has deferred the implementation of tariffs till May 1st,2018. Other than India  Argentina, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, and the E.U union are the members of the buying group, E.U being the biggest trading partner with the U.S.A.

"Our proposal is still pending with U.S government, they have assured us that tariffs would be re-calibrated and fixed". India is waiting and watching the US's move until 1st May 2018.



Mar 162019
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