"Unpredictable disaster"-Set up a panel-Mullaperiyar

The Supreme Court of India has issued its findings and notified on"Mullaperiyar Dam", a bone of contention between Kerala and Tamil Nadu on water sharing, increase the height of storage etc., to set up a panel which can manage the disaster that may occur in and around the dam.

Supreme court issued directions on matters relating to the safety of the dam-  a grand180 years old and the life of people residing in those sensitive areas where people could face difficulty in the case of emergency, therefore, the existing panel will continue to deal with issues relating  to safety and lifespan of the dam, said five-judge bench verdict in 2014. 

The central, Kerala and Tamilnadu governments have to respond in forming a panel to attend in-case of emergency. The proposed panel will have the responsibility to prepare and deal with only disaster aspect of the dam situated in Kerala.

Several petitions have been filed over the safety of the dam as it has lived beyond its life, which can cause havoc in case of breach, constant fear remains among 30 lakh off people down-the-line. therefore supreme court directed The Central, Kerala state and  Tamil Nadu governments to set up a panel.

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