UNEP-Declares Alappuzha, India's No.1 in biodegradable solid waste disposal

UNEP's report " solid approach to waste" where Alappuzha town known as Venice of East is chosen as number one town in cleaning the solid waste bio-degradable beating the pollution. Alappuzha went serious on addressing the problem of solid waste disposal by introducing decentralized waste management system. Till recently, Alappuzha roadsides and canals were filled with garbage stinking around, and mosquitoes took almost to the verge of losing the status of the tourist center, equally exposing the locals to diseases caused by musquitos and air pollution-related health problems.

The salient feature is, hither too the solid waste bio-degradable was a threat to the environment and human life, is now converted to energy as cooking gas. The biodegradable waste is segregated at the local ward centers, treated in small composting plants. an eye-opener to solid waste management. One lakh seventy-five thousand people around are provided biogas for cooking, UNEP strongly stated in the report." pollution" has been selected as the theme for 2017 by United Nations Environment Assembly to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 4th to 6th December 2017.

Prime minister of India has declared to launch this programme to find solutions to heaps of garbage lying in various cities in India. Alappuzha in India, Osaka in Japan, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Penang in Malasia and Cajica in Colombia are the five town/cities in its order selected on merit of finding solutions to solid waste or garbage. Kerala government would be happy to adopt this in its God's own Country.

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