UAE Researchers had reached its final stage in Artificial Rainfall...

In the United Arab Emirates, the testing of artificial systems for rainfall has reached its final stage. Researchers have now reached the final stage of research in which more chemical compounds can be sprayed into clouds and rain clouds into clouds. With the completion of the research, it is expected that the UAE will get good rains in the summer.

The latest findings suggest that a slight change in conventional chemicals can increase rainfall. The mixture is mixed with potassium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium and other chemicals. It is also planning to modify the existing cloud seeding method. It has also been found that spraying clouds with high-pressure chemical mixtures in aircraft storage can reduce the risk of wastage.

The scientific team, meanwhile, has carried out 12 missions to study rain clouds. Meteorologist Roelof Bruenjes said the data from the research was positive. In the UAE, the rainy season is from November to April. Thundershowers are experienced in some areas during the months of May to September. 

The research is progressing by making the most of this time. 40 to 50% of the rainfall is received from normal rain clouds. Cloud seeding could increase this by 15 to 30 Percent, scientists say.


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