UAE Exchange India has introduced foreign currency buyback facility for foreign travellers. The facility will be a boon to foreign travellers who encounter loss while exchanging leftover currencies due to rate fluctuation.

Foreign Currency Buyback facilitates currency return at the same rate of purchase, thereby assisting the foreign travellers in saving unused currency. By adding more ensigns to foreign exchange services, UAE Exchange is the first financial service provider in India to offer advanced Buyback feature for currency exchange.

Mr. V George Antony, Managing Director, shared, "As a financial institution, we feel responsible for empowering our foreign exchange customer with the best after sales services by introducing the easy Buyback option, most essential for all foreign travellers."

The company also offers unique online facility to get updated with exchange rate anytime for purchase of currency and sales. Servicing customers with accurate and authentic foreign exchange information from time to time is the greatest challenge for every service provider. Currency converter enables customers to get real-time conversion rates and can instantly book buying or selling rate instantly through customer care assistance. It also offers a snapshot of all major currency conversion rates on a single click where customer can view and analyse live rates.

UAE Exchange has a wide network of 376 branches across India. Digitalization has prompted more customers to go digital in all sectors, especially in financial to meet the ever rising on-time demands and inquiries. The company has been instrumental in providing cost-effective service in Foreign Exchange, money transfer, air ticketing and tours, loans, XPay Cash Wallet, insurance and share trading.


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