Tripple Talaq- Agree to change-India government

Tripple Talaq shall undergo three changes to the present version, says the Union Minister for the law, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad.  

One - Magistrate can grant bail after hearing the wife's plea, however, the offense of instant pronouncement of triple talaq under the proposed law remains non- bailable. The bail can be granted only after the husband agrees to pay the compensation to the wife.

Two - FIRs- First Information Report prepared on a person giving triple Talaq instantaneously and gets separated from his wife will become cognizable FIR is filed by Victim -wife, blood relations,  or relations by marriage. No others would initiate.

Three - the Compoundable offense instant Tripple Talaq has an option to both husband and wife to withdraw the case, before a Magistrate who has powers to settle the dispute.

Lok Sabha has passed the bill and it is pending with Rajya Sabha. 

This bill may come up during the next winter session of Parliment.



Mar 162019
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