A tribute to Kalabhavan Mani

Kalabhavan Mani

Took me a few days and today after seeing the post of a friend on facebook , thought I should write about this person who is remembered and cried upon , and it so true to what he had stated in the one of his interviews " People will say good things about me when I am lying dead" and that is exactly what is seen these days , we all tend not to see the good of a person until they are dead or no more.  I am not close to him but I have seen his movies and been part of his muscial shows, he has balls , it is so true that these days news is generated for people to read gossip and unwanted news , this brings in more hits more reads and popularity , recently I saw a photo of three ladies taking a selfie sitting beside a dead body,  Life has changed so much that we ourselves do not know what to value upon , as time goes we change with the time and we dare to look back on who and what we were.  As to this I decided if I can spend some time in writing an article about Kalabhavan Mani , so be it .. 

 Mani started his career as a mimicry artist with the Kalabhavan troupe. He has starred in over 200 films, including Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu films, and is renowned for his comedy, character, and villain roles. He received a special jury award at National Film Award and Kerala State Film Award in 1999 for his performance as Ramu in Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum.

Kalabhavan mani was born in Chalakudy Thrissur , Kerala on 1 January 1971. He started his career as a mimicry artist with the drama group Kalabhavan.  He started his acting career in the Malayalam film Aksharam as an auto rickshawdriver. Mani was married to Nimmy on 22 September 2000 and has a daughter, Sree Lakshmy. Mani has provided gennerosity and charity work to people living in poverty. Reportedly, on an average day, around 20 people from less privileged backgrounds used to come to visit him at his residence. He then wholeheartedly donated money, repaid debts and offered to help them. He therefore often referred to as the title of "poor man's superstar" in Kerala. As a fund-raiser and performer, he also had contributed money to the local festivals of the religious organisations and provided funds to the schools in his village

And to dedicate to his memories , a video is shared , Created and sung by G Venugopal


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