Tejas Express : Indian Railway Offers a Luxuary travel from Mumbai-to-Goa

A new high-speed air-conditioned train will take you from Mumbai to Goa in nine hours, all comforts included. Here’s what you need to know about the Tejas Express

The Tejas Express will start from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and end its journey at Karmali in North Goa. The Mumbai-to-Goa train will halt at five stations along the way: Dadar, Thane, Panvel, Ratnagiri and Kudal.


Thirunelli Maha Vishnu Temple

Thirunelli Maha Vishnu Temple

Thirunelli  Temple is the only temple in the world where the devotees can perform all the rituals related to one’s life, starting from birth to death and life after death. 

It is one of the most ancient temples in Kerala. It is believed that here the prathishta of Lord Vishnu was performed by Lord Brahma. It is also known as ''Sahyamala Kshetram'' and ''Kashi of the South''. 

Five top hill stations in North India.

India is blessed with hill stations of breathtaking beauty.Especially in North India,there are world class hill stations based on their popularity, quality of attractions, accommodation, and accessibility. North India, particularly the states of Uttarakhand & Himachal are well known for their beautiful summer destinations. These states are dotted with several popular hill resorts which are visited by a large number of tourists every year.

A mother delivers a miracle baby weighing lighter than an iPad. 

A premature 'miracle baby' girl, weighing lighter than an iPad just 631 gram was successfully delivered in the UAE by a team of doctors lead by an Indian.The baby girl was only 26.5 weeks old when she was delivered in Abu Dhabi, according to PTI."Timely intervention and delivery of the baby was important as the mother who had a high-risk pregnancy, came to us displaying symptoms of severing preeclampsia which are a pregnancy-related complication that is accompanied by high blood pressure and potential damage to organs," Dr.

British woman depends on semen to improve her health.

A 29-year-old woman named Tracy Kiss who is a resident of Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom,has found out a bizarre solution to improve her health. The solution,according to her is starting the morning with a smoothie 'enriched' with a teaspoon of sperm. She also throws in some almond milk and bananas to make it taste better.Tracy, a single mother of two, obtains sperm every day from her best friend. She then stores it inside tubs in her fridge. She also applies it on her face to improve her complexion.

Kerala tourism industry in tatters following demonetisation.

Kerala known as God's own country is a tourist hotspot. And tourism is one of the major revenue sources of the state. The demonetisation by the central government has hit the tourism industry very hard.Panicky foreign travel groups have been “knocked dumb” by demonetization.Except for their stay, all the rest of their activities have been badly affected.


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