T.P.Senkumar relived-High Court abrogates Vigilance case

Dismissing the vigilance probe by the Police department against the former police chief T.P.Senkumar, the High Court of Kerala made observations on the Government of Kerala's mischievous motives against an officer who sought justice in the Supreme Court to his rightful post as Director General of Police.Is it a sort of revenge on the officer who fought for justice in the court-High Court remarked. The government of Kerala does not show the same spirit in other pending cases, more important ones.T.P.Senkumar, even after retirement is on the hit list of the government. He was shifted from D.G.P's post soon after the formation of Left Democratic Government.

Kerala government had to cut a sorry figure, meekly replied "it does not have any personal grudge against T.P.Senkumar. All the avenues have been tried by the witch-hunters, the court has put a lid on the witch-hunt bottle of worms.


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Jun 122018
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