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50:50 by 2021 - Man: Women work force in Goldman sachs

Wall Street Bank stated that Goldman Sachs Group Inc is keen to recruit more women in the global workforce by 2021. The company also is keen to hype the process of recruitment to address the gender and racial imbalances across the country.

Even though there has been some progress in women's representation in ethnic and racial diversity, yet there is a long way to go, in achieving the target. Goldman Sachs has an ambitious target of raising women workforce to the desired level of 50:50 man-women workforce.

Depression off Kerala coast-Fishers- do not venture into sea

Not out of shocks from recent Ockhi's after effects of deep depression in the sea of. Kerala coast, which is fast picking up speed, depression getting strengthened off Kanyakumari, Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has taken personal interest this time directing the state administration to take immediate action informing fishers who are in the deep sea, ensure to bring them back safe.

USA pumps more oil despite rigging less numbers

The United States of America, No 2 crude oil producer in the world after Saudi Arabi, producing 10.37 million barrels per day (bpd), Russia producing 11 million barrels per day is pumping more oil into the market, thereby forcing the oil prices to slide, even though the initial trend was showing upwards.The prices came down by 13 cents in the afternoon of Monday.

Bombay High court dismiss RCom's appeal - Rs.1012 crore dues

The Bombay High court dismisses RCom's writ challenging an arbitration tribunal's order restraining the sale or transfer of the telecom's assets.Reliance Communications-RCom has plans to sell their wireless assets to Reliance Jio Communications.

However, Reliance communications which are defunct, are filing an application challenging the Bombay High court's order.

Arbitration Tribunal gave its ruling favoring the complainant Ericsson company, a manufacturer of mobile sets in Sweden against Reliance Communications for recovery of dues Rs.1012 crore.


Sister Abhaya Case-one accused acquitted Fr.Jose Poothrikkayil

The special court of Central Bureau of Investigation CBI today pronounced the judgment in sister Abhaya's murder case. Three accused persons are Fr.Thomas M Kottoor, Fr.Jose Poothrikkayil, and Sister Sefi. One of them Fr. Jose Poothrikkayil has been acquitted due to lack of evidence against him in the murder.

However, other two accused Fr.Thomas M Koottoor and sister Sefi would continue in the judicial custody, face the trial. The case goes back to 1992, March 27th, where sister Abhaya, residing at Pius X convent, Kottayam, was found be murdered.

Light Metros-Thiruvananthapuram & Kozhikode Tug of war between DMRC and Kerala Government

The very fact of lukewarm response by the Kerala government for the past few months has turned out to be a tug of war between Kerala government and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation DMRC. The net result of it is nothing less than 'spoke in wheel' DMRC withdrawing from the Light metro project at Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode, thereby putting a question mark on the project.

Tariff war-Telecom companies can challengingly match

From the day one, Reliance jio Infocom launched a new mobile networking  with an attractive tariff package, sending cracks into the traditional tariff plans prevailing then, in fact, telecom companies made huge profit till then by charging every service they gave, Jio offered unlimited voice call and 1 GB  net service per day offer, all other telecom companies had to face the wrath of Jio.

"Digital world"-needs a different policy-Trai Chief

The digital world is going through revolutionary technological advances like artificial intelligence(AI) and convergence of devices. Hence, there cannot be one policy for"physical world"-and the same can hold good to the digital world. 5G is pushing through lowering of latency and facilitating machines to machine communication.

'Karthi Chidambaram'in for more troubles

Karthi Chidambaram is arrested, is in the custody of Enforcement Directorate, a case related to the INX-Media bribe of Rs.3.5 crore Indrani Mukherjee gave Karthi to influence the then Union Finance Minister Chidambaram favoring INX Media's.On interrogation by the enforcement directorate, four more shell companies have been found having direct links with Advantage Strategic Consultancy Private Limited(ASCPL) the flashy ship company of Karti Chidambaram, Rochester Technology in Chennai(a subsidiary of ASCPL).Star solutions again a subsidiary, in Mumbai, having loopholes left uncovered.

Tax Saving guide- FY 2018

Gone are the days! The dynamics of investments by the professionals in India had traditional sectors like insurance policies, Bank deposits at the end of the Financial year to save the tax. In this process, new Insurance policies were added which attracted higher premiums, even though the insurance cover were lesser than the desired the amount.

Trump wary over trade deficit-Trade war: US & China

American President Donald Trump is worried over the trade war between US and China, has deferred imposing stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The gap between exports and import by the US and other countries, there is an imbalance. This trade imbalance is the indicator of America's trade policy. It is estimated that America lost 800 billion US dollars every year for so many years, said the spokesperson, a major loss of 500 billion US Dollars in a year to China.

No"Nokku cooli" says Pinarayi Vijayan

Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief minister emphatically said, No "Nokku Coolie" henceforth in Kerala, while replying to the notice by the opposition in the assembly for an adjournment. The government was caught on the wrong foot when the Chief Minister made it in no-ambiguous words that political parties and trade unions cannot continue intimidation tactics to an individual or to a business venture in soliciting funds to the party or unions.

Russia's resurrection -Putin's Cruise missile

After a gap of three decades, mighty USSR got divided, Russia was carved out, has now tried to resurrect as a superpower, is trying to prove a point. Putin's cruise missile with nuclear propulsion can travel any distance in an unpredictable pattern, simply, it can change its course haphazard and unpredictable, so much so make the enemies squint their eyes.

Russian"Sarmat" an intercontinental ballistic missile, will replace the existing rockets which can hoodwink any threat by the missile. Putin claims that Russia is the only country which has this capability in the world.

Rs.20 million fine on IOB

The non-compliance with the directions of the Reserve Bank of India on KYC-know your customer norms, a  penalty of Rs.20 million as fine have been slapped on IOB. "The penalty has been imposed in exercise of powers vested in RBI under provisions of Section 47A(1)(c) read with Section 46(4)(1) of Banking Regulation Act, 1949  taking it into account failure of the bank to adhere to the aforesaid directions guidelines issued by RBI" as per the press release by Central Bank.

Nirav Modi "ideal partner" droped- by "elephant family"

Nirav Modi " ideal partner"- has been dropped by the "elephant family" a UK based charitable trust, Prince Charles is its patron, as Nirav Modi fell from the grace, with stigma in the recent fraud cheating PNB worth more than Rs.12600 crores. Elephant parade- a public function with 101 distinguished names each one painted an elephant on a fiberglass, auctioned, funds raised are utilized for promoting awareness about elephant corridors in India.

Gokulnath shetty-the conduid for Rs.12600 crore fraud in PNB

"The thief is on the ship" theory holds good in PNB fraud too. 

Gokulnath Shetty, Deputy Manager and some of his colleagues went on and on issuing LOUs- Letter of undertaking in favor of suppliers rough of diamonds and pearls abroad without any collateral, according to the investigation. As of now, it is Rs.12600 crores, may be further investigation may reveal the extent of money exchanged hands, after a detailed inquiry.The game plan is simple as per the CBI investigation.

PNB-officials took bribe from Nirav Modi-Rs.12,600 crores loan

Skeletons from the cupboards are tumbling, PNB-Panjab National  Bank officials accepted bribes to facilitate Nirav Modi obtain a loan by accepting gold coins and jewels from  Nirav Modi . 2 billion US Dollar fraudulent loan availed by the accused. It is alleged that the bank officials helped Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, got fraudulent letters of undertaking(LOUs) on their shell companies, receive money from overseas branches of Indian Banks.

US-China trade war is about to spark

US-China trade war is around, the US is imposing import duties of 25 percent on steel, 10 percent on aluminum, the trade war is on since January 2018. The US has imposed 30 percent since duties on solar panels, 20 to 50 percent on washing machines.

Trump has gone one step ahead to withdraw US from trans pacific partnership, agreed to by Barak Obama was then president. Trump wants the US to relocate free trade area of North America with Canada and Mexico. The most important factor here in India is expected to move sensibly, not to take sides with either, remain neutral.

62,000 nurses on mass leave on 6th March

62,000 nurses in the private hospitals in Kerala have declared to go on mass leave on 6th March, demanding settlement of ongoing striking nurses demand. at KVM Hospital, Cherthala, heading towards a dead end. after 200 days of protest. Association of Private hospitals has filed a petition in the High court of Kerala. An interim order by the High court staying the "Nurses-mass leave" p0rotest on 6th March.


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