Timely decision-saved 2000 lives on board-hats off to captain

Family Vacations to rejunevate from fatigue, a journey to away from routine brings cheers, energizing the family with memories. but some takes a journey on to face to face with annihilation. Ockhi has left many families bereaved, with bleach future to many survivors, leaving tears forever.

But tears of joy with much tears rolled in fear of annihilation, for Narayan's and Joy's family from Kanhangad, who was on a vacation to Maldives. both families boarded Maldivian Cruiser Costa Neo Classica on 28th November, Had no linking of what is on the way. Expecting to reach Maldives on 30th, the nightmare on 29th night shattered their pleasure-trip to a fear trip.

The ship carrying 1400 passengers and 700 crew members the captain on cyclone storm alert took a quick decision, changed the course, steering 480 kilometers to the east which saved the lines from the fury of Ockhi.

Ockhi never spared them even gusty wind and tides tossed of what could have been the full fury.Ockhi would have on the pleasure trip. On December 1st shifting them to shore, in small boats, they reach Thiruvananthapuram by air safely.

450 Malayalees on the board, Narayanan and Joy's family thank the captain of the ship for a timely decision, or else the fate would have been different.


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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