"The only colourful thing before my eyes, " she said, sending a photograph of a Gulmohar tree  bloomed with  orange  flowers  to her friends.
            These were the words of a media woman,  who was destined for home isolation two weeks ago , after being detected covid positive.As a gallant youth, she felt really imprisoned in her bedroom and very unfortunate for being denied all the beauties of life except this sight through  her  bedroom window.Even in the midst of loneliness and gloom she never forgot to mention -
       "My pain is nothing compared to that of the people who have lost their beloved ones."
                    Life was not and never like this...before  one year... In those days, before  the pandemic  sowing seeds of fright all around us, we lived a normal life of usual routines  or of daily hurry burries. Finishing all the household chores, packing our kids to school and cursing the day  because of the traffic jam in the city, we ran to office. Throwing all the worries of the morning to the wind outside the office door, we entered a new world,  where a  thousand responsibilities were waiting for us... and  then in the end  of the day... carrying all  the stress of the day with our  handbags or brief case we drove back home...
                    In those days, we all had a common character trait:a habit of complaining about every thing...A feeling of dissatisfaction  had  surrounded most of us, that of not having enough time for anything, about the lack of proper care and consideration from others and off course , about  unattractive  remuneration..Some of us might have even hesitated,  being exposed to sunlight  even for a moment in fear of tanning and bothered about the tiny pimple on our face, which caused a 'great agony' in our mind.
                    How  unexpectedly matters  changed upside down now!!There are no more complaints now. Only a single  feeling dominates us all, in this lock down period, when this virus swirls around this world, challenging  and defeating all the endeavours  of resistance like an annihilating weapon... that is, 'fear'.We are not only isolated from the society  but also from our dear ones, who live under the same roof.
                    As the increasing toll of covid positive patients and the reported deaths leaves us with an alarming anxiety  and  unpredictability, we recognise that the' birds of fear ' have built  their nests in each isolated house.Thanks to the internet, for acting as the blessing of the hour. Social media plays a major role for mutual communication and relaxation  to a large extent, as long as 'social distancing' continues as a social responsibility of  every citizen.
                    In reality, only now we can understand the peace and tranquility  that we enjoyed a year before. Now we conclude with a long sigh that those 'complaints ' were surely meaningless. We  simply wasted our precious time by regretting or lamenting upon silly ignorable worries. True to say, everybody prays for' life' or for 'breath'. Only the existence  of life matters for,  'to be alive' is not a silly thing. It is a blessing.  
                    Last year we walked freely along  the streets without masks and travelled  to the places where we wished to go. We merrily walked to the beaches and restaurants and our kids enjoyed their holidays being spent in parks and museums. Now these are just memories of the past.
                    In this context,  the essay 'Three days to see' written  by Helen Keller  is called to our attention. In that essay, she imagines what she would do if she had the ability of sight for three days.Even though we were blessed with eyesight, we were blind to the world outside. And now, how many of us remember with a feeling of loss, about the days before  covid spread!! How many of us may be repenting upon the  'not meaningfully 'utilized  time !!
                    In this lockdown period, we recognize with a guilt, that we didn't  live life 'as it should be'.The painful truth that disrupts our peace and sleep is 'death' which comes as a 'silent killer' which can enter any where and at any time. All pomps and glories are nothing infront of death and all human beings are helpless before this tyrant... take a breath...don't  be afraid... its not too late... Let's  sit in our home and relax.
                    We learned a lot of lessons during these 'caged days' was beautiful  hitherto...the nature around us is splendid...trees even in our backyards bear lovely flowers  and honeyed fruits...our life  partner sings well...homely made food too is tastier... and lastly, the love and care we gave to our dear ones was not ample... Now, this is not a  subject  for meditation ,  but just an enlightenment. It's  not too  late.Let's live life with a feeling of  gratitude.

Ann Sonu