Thousand of fishermen march to Raj Bhavan

The patience of the Latin Catholic commul=nity is on the brim, the anger against the state and the Central government's failure to one. inform fishermen well in advance about Ockhi'sbuild up, two.failure of the state to give enough protection to fishermen in the sea and their families during the cyclone. 'Utter failure'in their words. in rescuing the 400 missing fishermen even on the 12th day of rescue operations have suppressed their patience.

"soon, the protests will become multi-fold dead bodies parade before the secretariate will everyone." 42 deaths have been confirmed. The official figure says 146 fishermen missing, arch diose calims200, Raj Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram saw thousands angry fishermen family seeking accountability by Pinarayi Vijayan and Narendra Modi. Thousands of fishermen throughed Raj Bhavan resulting breaking halt to the normal activities in the heart of the city. Kerala Governor P.Sadasivam and Archbishop would hold talks after the protest march, Latin Arch-diocese vicar-general Eugene Pereira told emphatically the intensity of the protest would be seen in the coming days till the last missing fisherman is found.


Mar 162019
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