Those who go to toilet with mobile phones, please be prepared to face this!

There was a time our parents used to go to toilet with news papers and cigarette, now in the digital era we replaced news papers, now we go with our phones and tabs, if we have a free wifi access the duration can be of 15  to 45 minutes, reading social network feeds and news links. Those who play music on phones while taking a shower are also very common these days. But you have to keep this in mind that there is a riskier side for this habit.

Most of the toilets especially the public toilets house thousands of different bacteria.Door locks, taps, hand shower, hand wash bottles etc might be the habitats of bacteria and most of them are not killed or removed by washing hands with soap and water. We keep our phones on the flush tank or near the basins and bacteria come in touch with our gadgets from there. These creatures include deadly microbes such as those that cause cholera, hepatitis, dysentery, and typhoid fever and then also hook-faced creatures like hookworms, pinworms, tapeworms and roundworm along with e-coli, shigella, salmonella etc.

So be aware of the fact that one in four always has the chance to get these diseases from your phone when it is consistently taken to your bathrooms and toilets.

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