Ten minute work out in the morning for sudden results

 It is always rewarding to achieve fitness without any equipment.A quick  5 plus minute morning workout is exclusively designed for beginners and office goers who don’t have time to hit the gym every morning. But want to keep their body fit and active all day long. 

Parallel Squats. Squats always got the appreciation for its many benefits it offers to your body, it’s also a multi-joint and multi-muscle exercise this gives your body the required boost. Though squats are designed for lower part of the body but they use your entire body muscles. Working out your thighs, you work on your abs, shoulders, backs and arms while performing squats, which eventually stabilises your body. 15 squats a day, help you burn extra calories, tone your butt, calves and hips all at same time.

Push Ups.  Push ups can be performed anywhere with guilt-free of not hitting the gym. This helps in building strength, great for boosting metabolism. Push ups help maintain blood circulation. 20 reps a day are good to go.

Pile Squats. For a stronger back, toned legs and to burn extra calories. Pile Squats is the perfect opt. With 15 pile squats every day, you will notice the development of toned muscles in your inner thighs after a few weeks. To get the best of this workout, keep your back straight and chest up.

Jumping Jacks.  It’s a full body workout and it does more than just burning your extra calories. Start this 5-minute with 10 jumping jacks to stay fit and end this workout with another 10 jumping jacks. Day by day keep adding 5 jumping jacks to your routine do this until you reach 50 jumping jacks each before and after the workout.

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