Teen's have unrevealed issues- Pediatricians in camera can.

Teen's in resolved, unrevealed issues are common all over the world.

Children do not generally discuss every issue with parents or Doctors, makes them vulnerable to compromise instead of finding solutions without a trustworthy adult. 

New findings from the study on the secrecy and confidence build-up among the adolescents, teens open up their mind with the Doctor's who assume them privacy and secrecy on issues like sexual behaviours. Uncertainty in use of discretion is subjugating themselves to ignorance of solutions to each individual's unique revelations.

Parents of children aged between 13 to 18 who attended usual 'wellness' centres and a Doctor or a Pediatrician, who specializes in the care of adolescents, found subtle changes in their children when they found that their ward had interaction with the Pediatrician one to one, opening up with no barriers to express their problems.

Children need to have freedom with their health issues, as they need to have freedom with their health issues, as they need fully take decisions on their health issues gradually, especially girls need to get exposure on a topic related to sex.


Mar 162019
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