Electric cars will soon rule the roads Globally

The end of the internal combustion engine is former than expected as the world is combatting growing air pollution crisis. Many countries are selling deadlines to withdraw all vehicles driven by diesel or petrol to avoid further polluting the air.

Comprehensive zero-emission mandate together with new electric cars could make their goal achievable. 

UK has set deadline '2040' banning sales of new gasoline and diesel cars.

Scotland has set deadline to'2032' eight years ahead of UK to stop selling of cars run on diesel or petrol. 

Madras IIT Develops Extremely water-repellent coating

 Nanocellulose-based liquid dispersion that renders the coated surface extremely water-repellent -superhydrophobic with water contact angle more than 160 degrees- has been developed by a team of researchers lead by Prof.T.Pradeep, Department of Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Madras.

Kerala's start-up in top 10

Inntot Technologies, a media entertainment start-up formed at the Kerala Startup Mission KSUM , has been choosen as one in the top 10 Promising Startups in India. The Industrial Innovation Awards 2017 instituted by the Confederation of Indian Industry CII ,has  not only awarded the  one in the top 10 to Innot Technologies, it also gets Innovation award for the best service start-up in India.

OnePlus 5 Dual Camera Smartphone

The OnePlus 5 smartphone is now available to purchase - The smartphone has two cameras, a 16mp wide-angle camera, and a 20mp telephoto camera. However, there is no optical image stabilisation, instead electronic image stabilisation (EIS) is available. The OnePlus 5 is an updated to last years OnePlus 3T.

The camera features a Pro mode, which lets you adjust settings like ISO, shutter speed, and more. There's also a histogram, grid lines, and level features, and the camera supports RAW photos.

New Era by Ubuntu; Mobiles, Tablets, Coming June 2017

The Canonical company, this week said that it will end its support for Ubuntu Touch phones and Ubuntu-powered tablets in June, and that it will shut down its app store at the end of this year. The company previously had signaled the system's demise, but it had not fixed a date.

With Ubuntu Touch, a unified mobile OS based on Ubuntu Linux, Canonical hoped to establish a marketable alternative to the Android and iOS platforms.

In fact Gaming : ALIENWARE 17

Now, new gaming deal with the ALIENWARE'17. The new Alienware 17 is the first portable rig designed specifically to unleash the true potential of Nvidia's new 10 series GPUs. Alienware pulled out all the stops to completely revamp its flagship 17-inch gaming laptops, including a new chassis design, re-engineered cooling, and some newly added Tobii eye-tracking too.

GiONEE New Launching : A1

Gionee A1 has been launched at April 2017. The highlight of this device is its big battery and great selfie camera with amazing Picture quality. According to the company, it has 18W 'ultrafast charging' that charges the battery fully in 2 hours.

Gionee A1 Smartphone was launched in March 2017, comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels at a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. The screen is also protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass Scratch Resistant display.


Nadella at the Future Decoded 2017 in Mumbai

Microsoft Chief  Executive Officer Satya Nadella has unravelled his company's new initiatives in India with a focus on cloud computing for enterprises and organisations.  Ahead of this move, Microsaoft announced a new Skype Lite app for the Indian market on Wednesday. Skype light will be available only on Android for now. 

Your mobile pattern lock is vulnerable to breaking

    The pattern lock system is widely used to secure millions of Android smartphones.But experts have warned that it can be cracked within just five attempts – and more complicated patterns are the easiest to crack.Pattern lock is a security measure that protects devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, and which is preferred by many to PIN codes or text passwords.

Now search without internet.

     In a remarkable development tech giant Google has announced  that it will allow smartphone users to "search" for something even when there is no internet connection in the phone. Google app will now won't tell offline users that it can't complete the search. Instead, it will queue up the search query and complete the search when the phone connects to internet.Thats the catch here!

It is not good to discuss personal matters before your smart TV

    Technological advancement is bringing in astonishing changes in our day to day lives.Televisions have evolved with times and smart TV s have made their way into our homes.But there are some aspects that you should be careful about while using smart televisions.Consumer goods giant Samsung has confirmed that its "smart TV" sets are listening to customers' every word, and the company has warned customers not to speak about personal information while near the TV sets.The company revealed that the voice activation feature on its smart TVs will capture all nearby conversations.


Online dating could be easier and fulfilling, follow these tips. 

Online dating is hugely popular now a days and people spend hours to strike a relationship. If you’re looking for online dating and don’t know where to start and what to do these simple ways could help you to help you find a partner online and that too safely.

Get your body language is right.
At first while video chatting or even meeting and talking make sure that you be expressive, nod your head as a reply to what the other person is speaking. This will show some interest from your side and give the other person a positive reply that you like them.

The most searched keyword by mobile users.

It is not star cricketer Virat Kohli or bollywood superstar Salman Khan who are the most searched names by mobile internet users.But Reliance Jio, which launched its much awaited 4G services last year, was the most searched keyword by mobile users, way ahead of the rest according to 2016 mobile trend report by Alibaba group firm UC News.“Reliance Jio is the ‘Hottest Keyword’ of 2016 with 116 million page views in both Hindi and English content, owing to the group’s launch of multiple free calls and data services in a scenario where telecom companies are struggling to provide faster and deep

Five eagerly awaited smartphones this year.

Smartphones are evolving by the day and the prized phone that you may be owning may have already become outdated.And if by the end of 2016, you thought of buying a new phone after 2017 begins, then you did the right thing. I am sure you know that like every other year, you will have a bunch of phones lined up for you in 2017 too. So, here are the top 5 mobile phones coming in 2017 according to a leading gadget magazine.

1 – Apple iPhone 8 and 8+

BSNL to launch 4G services soon.

The public sector telecom giant BSNL is readying to take on private telecom operators and plans to launch 4G services this year. It has been revealed that BSNL will roll out 4G services in six months. However, to make it economically feasible, the company plans on banking on the private operators to offer 4G services to their customers.BSNL would partner with private telecom operators and offer them to setup their network on BSNL spectrum in return for which they are expecting the private operators to provide BSNL customers 4G services.

iPhone 8 to have biggest ever display.

iPhones are known to be pretty conservative in design and they normally come with smaller displays. But 2017 might be the year you could actually get to see a bigger iPhone.As per a recent report the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will be launched in three size variants with a 5.8-inch variant joining the lineup in addition to the standard 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants.Reportedly, while the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants feature an LCD TFT display, and the bigger variant, for the first time, will sport an AMOLED panel supplied by Samsung Display.

Download a movie in just 1 second!

Times are changing and the internet is getting faster by the day.Now latest reports suggest that high speed internet 5G services are set to be a reality.You could download movie in 1 second. This is going to be a reality in 2017 with Mobile and net service providers are currently testing this across the world, including India.The government has almost made up its mind to introduce 5G services in India in 2017, according to reports. Soon telecom regulator TRAI will issue a consultation paper on 5G to frame the guideline and laws for governing the new service.

Apple to come out with cheaper iPhones exclusively for India.

Mobile manufacturing giant Apple has always seen India as a big market. Apple sees a "Huge Market Potential" for its products in India and that it is really "Putting Energy" in the CountryAs a result, Apple is starting a manufacturing unit here in Banglore, India. The production unit will start in April 2017. So, we can expect cheaper iPhones till the end of 2017, and official Apple stores across the country.The manufacture of iPhones will considerably bring down costs of duties and taxes and will allow Apple to sell at competitive prices which are usually Rs. 10,000-15,000 cheaper.

Staggering features of upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple’s flagship iPhone lineup continues to be the best-selling smartphone series in the world.But their urge to innovate and improve continues unabated. Apple’s next generation iPhone 8 is rumoured to sport a bold new design and would feature an OLED display without a bezel.The company would also unveil a third model that would be priced at a higher side than iPhone 7 and would come with invisible home button, all-glass housing, and wireless charging,, alongside its usual 4.7- and 5.5-inch smartphone offerings,according to reports.

WhatsApp admin cannot be held responsible for controversial posts,says court.

The arrest of a WhatsApp Group admin, due to controversial content posted by the members of that group hogged headlines recently.It was felt that it was unfair on the admin as no matter how hard the admins try, they cannot 'control' the flow of content.Now in a major decision by Delhi Court today, admins of such social media groups have been provided relief from such unnecessary legal action due to content posted by others.

Popular torrent website Kickass is back.

After shutting down for a few months Kickass Torrents the popular torrent website is back.It was shut down in what was then seen as one of the biggest crackdown by authorities against illegal torrents and downloads.The Pirate Bay and were also taken offline. Now, it appears that after weeks of fake proxies popping up, the original site is back online with a huge cache of torrents. It is currently available at, which was originally started as a community by former employees of Kickass Torrents, and initially did not have any torrent or link in it.

Alert for mobile customers to remove malware apps.

In a development that should make mobile customers and smartphone users alert the Home Ministry issued an alert saying that through some mobile apps Pakistani agencies are sending malwares in smartphones to steal vital information of the users. The ministry has asked mobile users to immediately delete four apps from their smartphones -Top Gun (Game App), Mpjunkie (Music App), Bdjunkie (video App) and Talking Frog (Entertainment App).

Now mobile wallet in off line mode.

As demonetisation is continuing to cause seemingly insurmountable problems mobile wallets are trying to cash in on the scenario.Now a mobile wallet company has decided to extend their services to those who don't use internet; a bank and a taxi-app company will deliver cash to their customers, free of charge.

Digital economy has the power to transform, and its clearly visible here.Smartphone is still a major requirement for turning into cashless mode, as various mobile wallet apps are only available in a smartphone, having Internet.


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