Teaching your boys to respect women

One of the most important values you can teach your child is how to respect women. Children learn by observing those around them. Here are a few parenting tips on how to teach your boys to respect women.

Be positive.
Have a zero tolerance attitude towards sexist language of your kids. Your child will learn from your behaviour. Compliment your child and the women in your life. Do not embarrass or insult women around you.

Do not tolerate aggressive behaviour.
Do not tolerate you kids acting violently towards others especially towards women. Teach them why such a behaviour is unacceptable. Make them understand that are alternative ways to resolve conflict.

Monitor media.
Allowing kids to watch Game of Thrones and similar gratuitous sex and violence does nothing to help the cause. Playing violent games or viewing violent entertainment will make them less likely to show empathy or kindness.

Be a good role model.
Your son is watching you. Use your powerful influence to model respect for women. Demonstrate that women are to be valued for their character and integrity. Be thoughtful and romantic. They will respect you more and develop healthier attitudes about relationships and women.

Restrict pornographic exposure.
We are talking hardcore, violent, disgusting content that teaches boys that women exist to be violently and sexually disrespected.

Teach your kid to show respect.
To teach respect, you need to show respect. Value other`s opinions and admire the people closest to you. Teach your child to respect women by valuing, accepting and admiring your child. Kids learn through personal experience.

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