Taliban : Let the girls learn, Boys and girls are not allowed to study together

Kabul: The Taliban has said that Afghan students will be able to pursue post-graduate studies at universities. However, Taliban Minister of Higher Education Abdul Haqani said that classrooms would be gender segregated and that the electorate and patients would not be allowed to study together.

At the same time, Haqqani pointed out that the hijab is mandatory for girls in colleges and that the Taliban will review in detail the current curriculum in universities. The minister was speaking at a news conference called to explain the new government's policies following the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

"The Taliban do not want to go back 20 years. The government will build new developments in Afghanistan from what is left today, 'the minister said.

The Taliban's official response to girls' education comes as the world looks at how the Taliban, who ruled Afghanistan in the late 1990s, will act differently from their previous policies.

At the same time, the Taliban has repeatedly stated that it has changed its attitude towards women, but the news coming out of Afghanistan is bitter.


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