Take a care at the beginning and avoid hair loss and balding!

Men are also taking a very good time for beauty care these days. So they are ready to test different hair styles. Men's first experiment to be variety was on their hair itself.  Some of them are testing like with long hair, someone cut it as too short and many are stashing their bald head. It's a big challenge facing  for men more than women. Hair loss is one of the most common problems worldwide; affecting one-third of the population. Everyone loses 100 hair stands each day. It is a natural phenomenon; so there’s is no need to worry over a few follicles falling off. There could be many causes of hair loss which include diet, mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution and genetics. Putting on a cap, hat or helmet could also be another reason in men

If you are ready to Take a little more care, you can easily solve problems your hair is faces.

1. Be alert to use quality shampoo while you are washing your hair. keep the hair and scalp clean all time for which it is necessary to wash the hair on daily basis. Washing hair daily is also said to lessen any risk of causing infection or dandruff on scalp which will ultimately result in hair loss.

2. you may use conditioner after using shampoo. 

3. Do not comb hair always.  It's a common mischief of men.  avoid combing hair when it is wet. its weaker state hence it is suggested to prevent combing through wet hair which will also increase the chance of hair fall. If there is any real need to comb wet hair it is suggested to use wide tooth comb, while too much brushing also is said to be causing huge damage to the hair and increasing hair loss hence this can be lessened by using fingers to remove any tangles in the hair. 

Do not open up hair to too much heating and drying techniques since this process is said to lessen hair proteins which will ultimately weaken the hair giving it fragility.

4. Trim your hair once in a week. 

5. Fight stress. Stress has often been considered to be the main reason for hair loss hence it is suggested to first combat stress which is one of the most common ways of treating hair fall. Some of the alternatives to this stress is choosing yoga, meditation which are known to help in getting back the hormones into perfect balance.

6. Use essential oils to massage. ll those who are suffering with hair loss from past some time can use essential oils in order to massage the scalp for few minutes. These essential oils like sesame oil or almond oil with lavender will make sure that the hair follicles remain active for longer time.

 7. Increase water quantity in your body. Each hair shaft consists of one quarter water hence it is suggested to drink nearly four to eight cups of water every day to keep it hydrated that ensure healthy growth of hair. 

8. Avoid using chemicals. Hair can be hugely damaged by some tough chemicals or even hair colouring products since it will possibly result in hair loss.

9. Maintain health. air problems are initiated by lack of proper health, when it comes to healthy hair it is necessary to first get rid of any infections, fever and other illness.

10. You can rely on hair treatment also. If you have a habit of hair dye keep it as frequently and on time.  Hair loss can also be result of changes in hormones which are possibly result of various health issues which pop up due to skin related issues. Hence it is suggested to visit doctor on regular basis.


Mar 162019
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