50:50 by 2021 - Man: Women work force in Goldman sachs

Wall Street Bank stated that Goldman Sachs Group Inc is keen to recruit more women in the global workforce by 2021. The company also is keen to hype the process of recruitment to address the gender and racial imbalances across the country.

Even though there has been some progress in women's representation in ethnic and racial diversity, yet there is a long way to go, in achieving the target. Goldman Sachs has an ambitious target of raising women workforce to the desired level of 50:50 man-women workforce.

Today- World Diabetes day

Difficulty in conceiving, miscarriages, malformed babies, and an overall poor outcome in pregnancies, are the major impacts of diabetes in women. With a very evident neglect of health issues faced by women, experts say that gestational and pre-gestational diabetes thus presents a much greater risk. Given the need of the hour to put forth this issue, this year’s theme for World Diabetes Day observed on Tuesday is fitting ‘Women and Diabetes — Our Right to a Healthy Future’.

Different reasons of having stretch marks and easy ways to remove it

Stretch mark is a common beauty challenge which often exasperates ladies after the pregnancy. But there are many other reasons for having stretch marks. The main reason is pregnancy period and delivery itself. When the stomach grows larger, the muscles become more slacken. So it causes stretch mark. It will take more time to retain the real condition after the delivery. As daily exercise causes the stretch marks muscles of persons who are usually go to the gym will grow larger and same time they will have stretch mark on their body. 

Ladies!! do you have dreams about getting diseases? you know what does that mean?

We all have dreams during a good sleep, even though we prefer good ones, sometimes unfortunately we have those disturbing nightmares that wake you up in the midnight. As students we used to have dreams of failing in exams, getting late for special classes, caught for doing malpractices inside the class. As we grow up it can be of, getting terminated from job  or sinking in sea after a plain crash (well, I had that one many times and I read its because of the pressure we face in our jobs and lives).


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