Vice President Addresses Indian Diaspora in the USA.

Vice President of India

The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has asked the Indian diasporas in the USA to convey the timeless, harmonious vision of India to the world and bring the best ideas and practices from the world to India. He was addressing the Indian Community at the Historic Art Institute of Chicago, the place where Swami Vivekananda delivered his speech in 1893, in Chicago, USA today.

Denial to work permits for spouses of H-IB Visa holders scrap requests

The most unexpected move by Donald Trump’s administration to end work permits to the spouses of H-IB Visa holders would adversely affect the American economy.Lakhs of Indians who hold H-4 visa working now may lose jobs, in turn, lead to domestic problems, said the lawmakers who spoke in an event hosted by US-India Friendship Council, backed by very important person Swadesh Chatterjee, the Indian American businessman.He also expressed this enactment would go against the interest of women, who are equally or better qualified than their spouses.The right to work for spouses was implemented in

India to purchase surveillance drones from US

India is planning to buy 40 predator surveillance drones from United States.  this is the first step to acquire the armed version of aircraft and a development to annoy Pakistan. India is trying to boost its firepower  through the vast area of boarders with Pakistan and China. also it is now to equip the military with more armed technologies to rise intelligence. 


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