A new method to detect Bacteria on food & water in a low price.

The Researchers of the University of Massachusetts Amherst invented a rapid and low-cost method to detect the bacteria in the food and water. They published it through the online issue "Food Microbiology" and the Royal Societies Chemistry Journal "Analytical Methods". Microbial Contamination was a major research topic for the scientists it has been a problem for a long time. And the researchers believe that the new method will be a great solace to the people all over the world who ate raw vegetables and fruits and will be helpful for the food safety of the nations.

Sosamma Iype awarded India Biodiversity Award for her conservation work with Vechur cattle

Photo Credit to; Sosamma Iype with vechur cows

Sosamma Iype was awarded the 2016 India Biodiversity Award For Recognizing Champions of Biodiversity Conservation on May 22nd 2016, International Biodiversity Day. The Award was instituted by United Nations Development Programme, Ministry of Forest, Environment, and Climate Change and National Biodiversity Authority of India. The award ceremony took place at the YR Chavan Auditorium at Mumbai.


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