Rising tension in South Asia

The recent events that unfolded in Maldives gave an idea of the problems India will face, as China gains control of the neighbours. The Maldives depending on China over India at the time of crisis points to the lack of interest India has shown to them.The fight for power between India and China has never escalated so quickly before and the time has come for India to have a better relations with its neighbours like Pakistan,Nepal, Sri Lanka,China and others.


Fuel prices-record high-system reeling under burden

Petrol at 72.43 paise per liter, Diesel at Rs.63.38 per liter in New Delhi, has been recorded high in the past 3 years. Fuel prices, on daily basis, sky rocking on prices, making the cost of living higher. Petrol t Rs.80.60 per liter in Mumbai was the previous record in the year 2014, today it costs Rs.80.30 per liter, Diesel at Rs.67.50 per liter leaving the commercial sector to pass on the burden on consumersTransport vehicles mainly diesel-run are the main chord to supply chain moving goods to nook and corner of the country.

Electricity Minister M.M.Mani seeks Consensus on Athirapilly power project

 Power and its generations have been given utmost importance by the government of Kerala. However, on the Athirappilly power project, there has been some difference of opinion among the Left Democratic Front in the implementation of this project.On one side, the agitation by the environmentalists and nature-loving enthuse and on the other, Electricity Minister's keen interest to go ahead with construction of the dam is at square one.Mr.M.M.Mani the Minister has sought consensus among the stakeholders to find a solution to the ever-increasing power demand.


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