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Kerala Floods 2018

August 15, 2018, two days before all Indians awaiting to celebrate the independence day, Kerala, I call it United States of Travancore or maybe it was called once upon a time, Malayalees like to call it as "Gods Own Country" not sure in what perspective but then again being born in Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala I am also proud to claim that to the outside world. Every Malayalee across the world would have had a shock hearing the devasting news most of Kerala in water except Kollam and Trivandrum.

Kerala rains: Before and after images taken by NASA shows magnitude of flooding


Following the heavy rains and flooding that wreaked havoc in Kerala, scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have released images which show the state before and after the devastation occurred.

In the image, one can see the heavily impacted areas of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha as well as the neighboring district of Kottayam as a sea of blue, showing the extent of the flooding.

The first image was taken on February 6 this year, while the second was taken on August 22.

Donates Prime Land to final resting place for the dead in the floods

What an exceptional example set in by a Pastor at True Deciple Church in Adoor, a town close to the ravages left behind by the furry of floods, unheard in the history of Kerala.

Pastor Kuruvila Kulanjikompil Samuel who preaches bible has offered 25 cents of prime land cituated on the high land for the burial of the dead in the floods around that place.

He has shown the world 'Practice,Practise only what you preach'.Honouring the unfortunate ones who succumbed to the calamity by giving them a resting place eternal with all the religious tenaments 


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