Loose belly or Loose Job- choice is yours- to Karnataka State Reserve Policemen.

Go to Jim, run or Jog, 'Fitness' mantra has been imposed on all the policemen, especially on pot-belly ones, whose numbers are on the rise, the choice is yours to lose either pot belly or the Job, says ADGP, Karnataka State.

Jackfruit won the Heart of Kerala as an Official Fruit.

Thiruvananthapuram: The ordinary thorny fruit "Jackfruit" made a revolution through the declaration of the official fruit of Kerala. It succeeded the stand on 21st March by the Agriculture Minister V.S Sunilkumar, who officially announced it in the state assembly.The major reason for this decision is the increasing need for the fruit and by realizing the economic value of the fruit to develop markets all over the world. Kerala Jackfruit is famous for its organic and nutritious quality.

Now no need to avoid rice to reduce weigh, all you have to do is...

Rice is one among the first foods we tend to avoid ,when we decide to reduce our body weight and pot belly. It's actually a myth that rice causes weight gain ,but in real , rice is as good as any food you consume daily, the problem comes when you store all the calories without doing any physical activities ,eventually you'll end up in putting weight on.


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