JNCASR develops versatile coating to stop spread of viruses like influenza and COVID 19

An antimicrobial coating, developed by Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore, an autonomous institute under Department of Science & Technology (DST), has shown excellent results in tackling the spread of deadly influenza virus, the root cause of severe respiratory infections, by inactivating large loads of influenza virus. The Science and Engineering Research Board, a unit of the DST is supporting the further development of this coating for the country’s war against COVID-19.

Invest India Business Immunity Platform launched.

Invest India, India’s national Investment Promotion & Facilitation Agency, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has launched The Invest India Business Immunity Platform. The platform, hosted on the Invest India website, is designed as a comprehensive resource to help businesses and investors get real-time updates on India’s active response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Propsal for Goods train to deliver essential goods in Kerala

The districts of Kerala being partially closed, freight movement of the lorry is declining. This has added momentum to the fact that many lorry drivers are reluctant to return to work in the corona panic. The All Kerala Consumer Goods Distributors Association is coming up with a proposal to utilize the goods train facility to deliver essential goods.

Railway tracks are running out of passenger trains in the country. The freight trains can reach the airport in a short time. Says Association President CE Chackunny.

'Break the chain' campaign to wipe out Corona

A massive campaign called 'Break the Chain' to reduce the likelihood and spread of virus spread across the state in the event of Covid 19 spreading. The aim is to provide hands-washing and cleaning facilities, offices, public places and homes and to ensure hands-on personal hygiene. Minister K.K. Shylaja inaugurated the campaign. 

Corona death in Italy crosses 1000, Rome closes mosques and shops.

Death toll in Italy crosses 1,000.  Italy with the highest number of coronaviruses in Europe reported 189 deaths on Thursday alone. With this, the death toll reached 1016.

The number of confirmed cases of the disease rose to 15,112. Earlier, 12,462 people were diagnosed with the disease. For the first time since the disease was diagnosed in Lombard in the northern part of the country on February 21, this is the first time such a number has been diagnosed.

"Application in WhatsApp" Thrissur District Administration with alternative facilities.

Thrissur District Administration Applications and complaints can be sent through WhatsApp and e-mail. This is the first time such a system is being prepared in the state. The alternative is to avoid interrupting the services that the public has to offer when it is proposed to limit interconnection as part of immunization. This system can be used by the Collector and the Revenue Officers for various purposes.

Covid-19: India forbids travel for foreigners.

Three countries have been barred from entering the country due to the spread of coronavirus. India bans citizens of France, Germany and Spain. Those who have already issued visas have already cancelled their visas if they do not arrive in India. 

Japan has cancelled all visas, including e-visas granted to citizens of South Korea, Italy and Iran, on or before March 3, 2020. Visas of those who have not yet entered India have also been cancelled. 

Advisory issued for all incoming International passengers.

An Advisory is issued for all incoming international passengers retuning to India to self-monitor their health and follow the recommended “DOs and DON’Ts”, since more than 100 countries across the world now have reported cases of COVID-19 and travellers to these countries, or any person having travelled abroad, might possibly have come in contact with people affected with COVID-19 during their stay there or even while in transit at airports.

COVID 19: A blow to the world economy.

India is one of the top 15 countries affected by the coronavirus. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development reports that India lost 34.80 billion dollars (about Rs 2,500 crore) due to the spread of Coronavirus. 

The United Nations has warned that China's cuts in production due to the coronavirus will affect international trade and reduce trade to 5 billion dollars. 

COVID 19 spreading faster; World Health Organization has warned.

The World Health Organization says the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) is reaching a stage the world has never seen before. It is twice as fast in the world than its native China. The WHO says that the number of new patients in China is steadily declining, rising in other countries and the death of six in the US are raising concerns. 

The number of cases is up to nine times higher than China what was confirmed on Tuesday. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the stringent measures and controls adopted by China have led to the reduction of the virus. 


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