Jackfruit won the Heart of Kerala as an Official Fruit.

Thiruvananthapuram: The ordinary thorny fruit "Jackfruit" made a revolution through the declaration of the official fruit of Kerala. It succeeded the stand on 21st March by the Agriculture Minister V.S Sunilkumar, who officially announced it in the state assembly.The major reason for this decision is the increasing need for the fruit and by realizing the economic value of the fruit to develop markets all over the world. Kerala Jackfruit is famous for its organic and nutritious quality.

Modicare- soon, to cost Exchequer 12,000 crores

Modicare-  health insurance coverage to every family in India up to Rs.5 lakhs, announced before the election code is implemented.

National Health Protection Scheme also know as Modicare, is going to be launched on 15th August 2018 or October 2nd, 2018, covering 10-crore poor families in India, costing the government around Rs.12,000 crores. 

Alert!! Cancerous chemical contaminants in broiler chickens! These methods would help to figure it out

Day by day the food resources coming from other states to Kerala becoming untrustworthy and completely adulterated. Be it fruits, vegetables, spices, meat and other dairy products were found having the presence of hazardous chemicals that is applied for preservation purposes.


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