"Happy Christmas" 2017

What are Christmas tree eyebrows? Where did the beauty come from?

Christmas tree eyebrows are latest weird 'eyebrow' trend to set off online. The unique look face beauty fans fashioning small furr trees from their over-eye hair. Many use gems or star to make-up to match with a "tree" while others have painted their eyebrows green adds to the effect.others have gone for glitter and painted on baubles.

How do you do Christmas tree eyebrows?

1.Take a green hair mascara and paint your brows green, alternatively, you can use clear mascara as glue with green eyeshadow.

Are Rs.2000 notes disappearing?

Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, on a stroke, become invalid a year ago, precisely on 8th November 2016, Is Rs.2000 note heading the same way? State Bank of India noticed the reduction of pink notes of Rs.2000 denomination, Chief economic adviser, Soumya Kanti Gosh, trying to find out reasons, realized reduction of Rs.2000 notes could be another hint on withdrawal of high denomination currency.

"Good by my son"- No tears-Mother Mariamma

Mariamma Jacob- bid a tear-less farewell to her son who died in a road accident on 5th December 2017 near Chenganur. Vinu Kurian Jacob, a 25-year old who rode a motorcycle from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in the shortest time, to have his name scripted in the records. Vinu Kurian's motorcycle was rammed by a tourist bus resulting in death.

"God has not made a mistake. God decided that Vinu should have up too 25 years" she firmly believes Jesus gave all the strength to her no to shed a drop of tear on the body.


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