Surging demand for UV driving Cars in India: sales at a record.

Surging demand for UV driving Cars in India: sales at a record.

The demand for the Utility Vehicles like passenger cars increased nearly into 21% to more than 9.21 lakh units during March & April. According to the data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), this growth of domestic passenger vehicles cumulatively stood at 32.87 lakhs during the last year.

The increasing popularity of these vehicles mainly from the smaller towns and semi-urban areas. It led to end the year with a convincing note to the Auto industries with a healthy sales figures.The production in India crossed into 1 million in the fiscal. The sales growth was driven by the popularity of Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Hyundai Creta, and Mahindra.

The bulky consumer demand for this UV’s mainly shows the affordability and the changing circumstances in the standard of living of the common society. And it is also more comfortable when compared to the SUV’s (Sports Utility Vehicles) & MPV”s (Multi Purpose Vehicles). UV’s are distinguished by its ground clearance.

The sales of UV’s drop to a bare minimum in order to the regime of GST and demonetization in the previous year. Now the total vehicle sales in all the categories raised 14.22% to more than 2.49 crore units in 2018. The production of two-wheelers, motorcycles also crossed the record and were highly a single-digit growth. However, the demand for UV segment is very high in the year and it will be a benefit to the manufacturers from the huge potential rate.



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