"Suresh Gopi not to be arrested" Kerala High Court declares

Suresh Gopi-an actor, Member of parliament not to be arrested now, declares Kerala High Court. The case is in connection with the registration of a luxury car on a fake address in Pondicherry to evade tax.

Suresh Gopi registered a new luxury car on his name at RTO Pondicherry by giving a local address. Kerala police on verification of Pondicherry registered owner being Suresh Gopi, the address given of Pondicherry found to be false to Regional Transport Office. Kerala police filed a criminal case against the actor,  Suresh Gopi sought the intervention of High Court. Kerala government had to suffer huge revenue loss by not registering Suresh Gopi's car in Kerala.

Hence, the Kerala High court's order not to arrest the Member of Parliamentary till further orders. Fahad Fazil and Amala Paul too have committed the same crime by registership luxury cars in their names on fake address only to evade tax.

Amala Paul's S-class Benz car costing 12 crores of the rupee, was registered in RTO Pondicherry by paying just Rs.1.75 lakhs, Kerala registration would have fetched Kerala government around Rs.20 lakhs.

Fahad Fazil paid Kerala government of Rs.17.68 lakhs and registered his vehicle in Alappuzha, Kerala.


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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