Student visas Day of the US Embassy in India.

US Embassy in India celebrated "Student Visas Day" where Marykay Carlson, deputy chief of the mission in New Delhi said that "there is no change in the policy of visas for Indians who are seeking work in IT sector on professional grounds, shall continue to get H-1 B Visa as per the prevailing policy. No charges have been brought in  H-1B visas, however, there is a review of H-4 visa by the U.S government. It implemented 70,000 H-4 visa holder with work permits may face problems. Yet H-1B visa holders whose spouse are highly skilled professional cannot be ignored by the U.S. Indian government is discussing this issue with the U.S counterparts, may restore to the prevailing policy, allow them to work.

1,86,000 Indian students were enrolled in institutions for higher education in the U.S. There is 12 percent increase in the number of applicants. 


Mar 162019
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