stop screening "S.Durga" feature film says Censor board

Malayalam feature film"S.Durga" has been shown a red-card and advised stop screening further,  a new twist to the harrowing moments to the director Sanal.K.Sashidharan.

Just a few hours left to the completion of International Film Festival of India in Goa, the government has to comply with the court's order to screen this film in the festival.The objection know is boxes used as an alternate to the title leads to a doubt to the audience.The director has marked the letters e-x-y from its original Sexy-Durga as desired by the Censor board.

Durga is a north Indian migrant and a Malayalee youth Kabeer Elop in the mid-night.While on the run, they seek a lift from the moving vehicles to the nearest railway station to board a train to a far off place, one van stops who are one-time small gangsters transporting arms. During the ride, they face umpteen hurdles and encounters.

The director juxtaposes with a ritual "Garudan Thookam"  which is a ritual performed by men who seek blessings by goddess Durga and offer their reverence to the goddess by hooking their body, carried on to the temple which personifies the wrath and fury. A letter from the regional censor board office in Thiruvananthapuram told the producers of the film that the date and time of re-censorship will be informed to him later.

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