State Institutes of Educational Technology inching ahead to be a model institute.

The Kerala State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) is becoming a model for other State institutes of educational technology. In the past two years, the SIET here has produced 400-odd videos and animation. Audio lessons for visually challenged students are under preparation. It has also conducted programmes ranging from talent development to mobile learning application.

The SIET, which was on the verge of closure, also received five national awards from the National Council of Educational Research and Training, a statement here said. The previous government had decided to shut down the institute after Union government funds stopped. However, there were calls for the institute to be revamped. The Khader Committee, too, had recommended that the institute be renamed and given a new lease of life.

The SIET gives shape to a number of new projects of the Education Department. It is the nodal agency of the General Education Department’s ‘Sasthrarangam’ project. Through another project, ‘Sasthrajalakam’, it provides opportunities to students to conduct experiments in institutions of higher education and take part in interactions. Nearly 2,100 students took part in residential workshops conducted as part of the programme in 42 colleges and universities.

Schools students were given practical experience in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and bioinformatics with the support of various universities and institutes. Students got to interact with Nobel Prize winner Richard Roberts, scientists Viktor Kozlov and Suresh Pillai, and academic Achuthsankar S. Nair. To give the children more exposure, 59 of them, selected after an aptitude test, were taken to visit IIT, TIFR, NID, IIM. TISS, and so on. The SIET also prepared digital content in languages of tribal people such as Vetta Kuruma, Adiya, Paniya, Ravala, and Kattunayakar

Teacher training has also got off to a start. SIET has tied up with the K.R. Narayanan National Institute of Visual Arts and Science to provide training in making digital content. Workshops were conducted for students in film production in all districts. Personality development programmes were also conducted in all 14 model residential schools. SIET also developed the Education Department’s ‘Vayana Vasantham’ portal. School library renovation and classroom library launch were conducted through this portal.


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