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ആറ്റുകാല്‍ പൊങ്കാല മഹോത്സവത്തിന് ഇന്ന് തുടക്കം

തിരുവനന്തപുരം: സ്ത്രീകളുടെ ശബരിമലയായ ആറ്റുകാല്‍ ഭഗവതി ക്ഷേത്രത്തിലെ പൊങ്കാല മഹോത്സവത്തിന് ഇന്ന് തുടക്കമാകും. ലോക പ്രശസ്തമായ ആറ്റുകാല്‍ പൊങ്കാല 20നാണ്.  ഇന്ന് വൈകിട്ട് 6.30ന് നടക്കുന്ന സ്‌റ്റേജ് പരിപാടികളുടെ ഉദ്ഘാടനം ചലച്ചിത്രതാരം മമ്മൂട്ടി നിര്‍വഹിക്കും. അംബ, അംബിക, അംബാലിക എന്നിങ്ങനെ മൂന്ന് സ്‌റ്റേജുകളിലായിട്ടാണ് കലാപരിപാടികള്‍ നടക്കുക. ചടങ്ങില്‍ പാലിയം ഇന്ത്യ സ്ഥാപകനും ചെയര്‍മാനുമായ എം.ആര്‍. രാജഗോപാലിന് ആറ്റുകാല്‍ അംബാ പുരസ്‌കാരം നല്‍കി ക്ഷേത്രം ട്രസ്റ്റ് ആദരിക്കും. പിന്നണി ഗായിക വൈക്കം വിജയലക്ഷമിയുടെ സംഗീത കച്ചേരിയാണ് ആദ്യ കലാപരിപാടി.

Donates Prime Land to final resting place for the dead in the floods

What an exceptional example set in by a Pastor at True Deciple Church in Adoor, a town close to the ravages left behind by the furry of floods, unheard in the history of Kerala.

Pastor Kuruvila Kulanjikompil Samuel who preaches bible has offered 25 cents of prime land cituated on the high land for the burial of the dead in the floods around that place.

He has shown the world 'Practice,Practise only what you preach'.Honouring the unfortunate ones who succumbed to the calamity by giving them a resting place eternal with all the religious tenaments 

Theyyam - a ritual art form of Kerala

The great stories of Kerala are often retold using art forms. It is here that our legends truly come to life. Theyyam is a famous ritual art form that originated in North Kerala which brings to life the great stories of our State. It encompasses dance, mime, and music. It exalts the beliefs of the ancient tribals who gave a lot of importance to the worship of heroes and the spirits of their ancestors. The ceremonial dance is accompanied by the chorus of such musical instruments as Chenda, Elathalam, Kurumkuzal, and Veekkuchenda.

Unique Museum to showcase rarest of the rare Jewels of Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple- a proposal

 Priceless treasures of Sreepadmanabhswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram have drawn the  BJP government at the Centre and the LDF government of Kerala on the same platform. Both the governments are keen on strike a proposal to exhibit the priceless antiques kept hidden in the vaults of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple if the Supreme Court and the Travancore royal family agree.

Sabarimala seasons begins to a over wheelming devotees

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa, to resonate during the season of 3 months begins on the first day of Malayalam month of Vrischikam.Second highest number of devotees, over 3 crores in short period between November and January, every year is unique in the history.Sabarimala or Ayyappa temple is synonymous with Kerala, the state on the world map of tourism and devotion.Heavy rush of devotees, like every year, this year too witnessed thousands waiting to have darshan and seek blessings of Lord Ayyappa.

Sadhguru dispels misunderstanding of detachment and attachment, comparing one’s entanglements to a coating of glue. When covered with adhesive, he explains, everything that you touch will stick!

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. 


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