Smart Pendant for women's safety Invention.

A smart pendant hung with the necklace can pass on information on pressing a button or with an audio password at the time of emergency which will give the exact location where the person is with a signal calling for attention. 

In case the person is not in a position to press the button, it can fend signals of danger to the mobile phones connected to the caretakers or well-wishers like parents, close friends. It can send danger signals to one or more person at the same time.

Haroon Rashid and Harris Vakkayil, two- Malayalees hailing from Perinthalmanna, Malappuram have come up with a novel concept to protect women's safety, have named the pendant "Gardenam", are available in the market.

Start-up company "Gardenam" by these two young Malayalees have established their set-up in Seattle in U.S. ' Storylabs'- a Bengaluru based company developed the software for the safety of the women. 

Haroon added that atrocities on women have multiplied bringing peril to the safety of women, they are keen to manufacture pendants on a necklace within 6 months.

Haroon and Harris are in Mumbai to participate in the contest "Technology for Women Safety" organized by the U.S based foundation with Anu and Naveen Jain Foundation with a cash prize of 1 million, U.S dollar. 



Mar 162019
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