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Winter begins with skin care products that provide special care for the skin. Even oily skin can start to dry out in the cold. Dry skin is also more prone to wrinkles. Know the six beauty rejuvenation ways to not lose the softness of winter skin. Here are some beauty tips that can be easily done at home during this time when you spend a lot of time at home without going out much.

Cleansing should be regular

  • Just set aside five minutes for cleansing daily before bathing. The skin will be as beautiful as a flower. A good cleanser can be prepared at home.
  • Combine apple cider vinegar and rose water in equal proportions. Apply this mixture on the skin and after 10 minutes massage the face with a cotton swab dipped in the same mixture.
  • After massaging in a circular motion for two minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water. This will help in removing the accumulated dirt from the body as well as enhancing the radiance of the skin.

Special pack to brighten the skin

  • You can try Avocado Mixed Pack once in two weeks or once a month. Extract an avocado well. Add two tablespoons of olive oil, mix well and apply on the body. After 20 minutes, massage and rinse. You can also mix oats soaked in water inthe avicado puree.
  • A handful of flax seed can be soaked in water the night before. The next day, stir in the water and add a green gooseberry paste. Add a little bit of yogurt (to make a paste) and mix well and apply on the body.
  • If you have dry skin, you can add milk instead of yogurt. Grind gooseberry and add a small teaspoon of honey to soften the skin. Instead of trying the same ingredients, you can combine carrot, tomato and neem leaves with flax seed.

Sugar scrub once a week

  • Skin should be scrubbed at least once a week. The scrub pack can be applied all over the body five to ten minutes before bathing. Sugar is a good scrub that can be found in the home kitchen.
  • Take equal amounts of white sugar and brown sugar. Add a little cold water to it and apply it on the face and body and massage in a circular motion for ten minutes. If you have oily skin, you can add lemon juice. This is the most effective scrub to protect the body from dryness in winter.

Instead of soap

  • It is best to reduce the use of soap in the winter. You can use chickpea powder or seaweed powder instead. Add two large spoons (as required) of chickpea powder and mix well to form a paste. Add a small teaspoon of coconut oil to it and apply it on the body.
  • After drying, add a little water, massage and rinse. For those who are not able to do this regularly, do it at least every three ays. This is a great pack to use on your hair as well.

Aloe vera magic

  • There are several benefits to growing a small aloe vera plant at home. Aloe vera gel can be boldly added to most beauty packs used for skin care.
  • To prevent dry and cracked skin on the feet, rub a small teaspon of aloe vera core and a little ghee on the cabbage leaves. Rinse after 20 minutes. Applying a combination of olive oil and aloe vera gel on the hair will protect the hair from dryness problems.
  • Combine one egg, one tablespoon each of olive oil and aloe vera gel. Apply this pack on the scalp, face and body and after ten minutes, apply pea powder. It is also an excellent remedy for body wrinkles, discoloration and dead cells.
  • This is the time when dandruff and hair split ends increase. Mix a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and half a lemon juice in lukewarm coconut oil and apply.

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